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Hi there! I’m Secret Simon. Once upon a time I was an engineer, an editor, and a writer of purportedly humorous prose in small circulation publications called fanzines. Then I became chronically ill and a lot of the above came to a sudden, crunching halt. Faced with lots of time on my hands, I started to wonder what it all meant. What was I doing here? Why was I ill? And where exactly were all these questions coming from anyway? I started thinking seriously about “life, the universe and everything”, something which had impinged on my consciousness from time to time in the past but had always ended up getting filed away under “something to deal with later”. Now, suddenly, “later” had come. I hadn’t expected it to be here so soon…

Yet the good news, after all that, is that as I thought and investigated, answers gradually came along which made sense to me. Not, in the main, from religion – I could never find one of those to fit me – but from that strange, uncharted area which has come to be known as “spirituality”. This might be described as personal connection with god, or – if you prefer – personal connection with something greater than ourselves: something we don’t understand at the moment but which may eventually be described and quantified by that elusive “theory of everything” for which the physicists strive, something which doesn’t have to be described in terms of “god” at all.

This elusive connection lies at the heart of this blog, not least because it may hold the key to living a happier life, not by following some rigid set of rituals or beliefs - like having to eat green beans every third Thursday - but more about working to free ourselves from unhelpful patterns of thought. If we look around the world, we can see that something has to be done. Humans seem to be trapped in a spiral of anger. We hear about this anger every day in the news headlines, we see it up close in the traffic jams and supermarket checkout queues and – if we are honest – we feel it inside ourselves. To put it in as kindly a way as possible: there’s an urgent need for us all to chill out big time. I hope that, in a modest way, this blog will help to bring about that change.


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