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February 05, 2007


sunflower Optimism

I checked out the web site - they have Deeksha by phone! I thought that was pretty funny. You are on the "honor system" to buy the appropriate number of guest tickets if there is more than one person listening in on the call. Will check their site out in more depth when I have a chance.

Please keep us posted on how this works for you.


Deeksha sounds fascinating and I'm going to learn more about it. Thanks for spreading the word.


Hi Sunflower and welcome betty!

I can understand your amusement about the telephone Deeksha, Sunflower, but I guess the point is that we're talking about connecting with something that's independent of space here, so there's no reason why the telephone shouldn't work. I'm lucky enough to be able to receive Deeksha locally but I'd consider receiving it by phone if it wasn't available otherwise.

As it happens, the first time I received Deeksha, it wasn't in person either. I'd booked to go for the Deeksha and was thinking about how it would be to receive it and the energy started coming through! That was actually the most powerful experience I've ever had with it. I was in a different - and very pleasant - state of consciousness for several days afterwards. I don't expect anyone else to believe this necessarily, but it was real enough for me!

Ho hum, I never know how weird I dare get with this blog without scaring people away! But it's like I always say. You don't need to believe me - just try it yourself and see what you think.

I shall certainly keep everyone informed about how I go on with Deeksha. And if you decide to try it, Sunflower and betty - and indeed anyone else - do feel free to report back yourselves! Either leave a comment here or send me an email.

sunflower Optimism

Simon, the two things that have worked best for me are journaling and yoga. I'm not exactly sure if they connect me with the energy of the universe directly - or if they grant me more awareness of the world around me so that I notice the energy and connectedness that permeates everything.

I once had a priest who said God is always talking to us - but in our daily lives we have so much "static" that we don't hear. We need to quiet our inner selves to hear what is streaming to us all the time. Of course, being a Christian, I use the term "God", but it may be the universe or energy or what ever you think the power "out there" is.

The funny part is that I stopped journaling several years ago, even though it was a wonderful tool for me. Now why is that? Kind of like Peter, walking on the water towards Christ - and then quickly sinking after realizing what he was doing and that it couldn't be done. But ahhh! It COULD be done!

So yes, I am not surprised that you felt the benefit of Deeksha before actual contact. As a matter of fact that validates it a bit more for me.


A very good piece of writing with useful information.Keep it up.My good wishes.


I really like your blog. It is so helpful at times when one is trying to work on themselves.


Welcome surjit and anon - and thanks very much for your encouragement!

Sunflower - I'm doing some dru yoga at the moment and really enjoying it. I'd be interested to know more about journaling. I suppose I've thought of it as just kind of writing up what you've done that day, maybe with a few pertinent observations - but you make it sound like a spiritual discipline.

I actually like to call the energy "God" myself but I don't use the term so much because I know that unfortunately it has negative connotations for some people - and the name is less important than the reality, which is there to be experienced.

That story of Peter walking on the water! I haven't thought about that for years. But that's what spiritual experience is like. I think we've discussed it in the comments here before. Once you've realized it's happening, you tend to snap out of it!

Thanks, as ever, for your interesting comments, Sunflower.

sunflower Optimism

Simon, the journaling was something I started as part of the program from the book "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. I read the book originally because it was supposed to decrease artist's block and increase creativity. However I think the book would also apply to non-artists (is there such a thing? LOL) She talks a lot about the universe - and how it will cooperate with us when we pursue our dreams.

Her method requires several things, the most important is that upon awakening in the morning one must right three pages, longhand, of whatever is on one's mind. Don't think, just write. If you can't think of anything, then just write something inane like "I need to fill three pages." Something will eventually come to mind, once the mind is calm enough. I have found tremendous insights and synchronicity when I was actively journaling. I also realized that if there was something troubling me that I didn't want to face I would make excuses to put off journaling - because if I wrote it would always come out, never fail. Oh, I didn't necessarily do the journaling first thing in the morning, what with children to get off to school and all. I snuck it in whenever convenient during the day and that was fine for me.

The second thing she advocates is at least a 20 minute daily walk outdoors. Very mind clearing and helpful in increasing awareness of the universe.

When I was following Cameron's various books (she has several with this theme) I always felt most connected and most aware of what I like to call God. Since I developed RA it is difficult for me to write longhand - and that is the excuse I give myself for not journaling anymore. Not a very good one. I really need to get back to my notebooks.

Many apologies for going on like this, a bit longwinded to impose on someone else's blog.


Hi Sunflower - That was no imposition! I asked the question - thanks for replying. I guess you could do the journal on computer or even on a voice recorder to get over the problem of writing longhand. Dictating tends to take a bit of getting used to, but I used to do a lot of it myself. I have a lot of trouble with eye pain and at one time, that was the only way I could write.

The way that journaling seems to work is interesting. I don't really understand it but I suppose I'd have to try it myself. I guess in some ways, it's similar to blogging, but I think it's probably *forcing* yourself to write which makes it different. Perhaps it's a way of opening up the subconscious.

jessica freeman


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I am excited and looking forward to exploring Deeksha!
Thank-you for all of the links! Off to explore.


Hi Jessica - Re autosurfmonster, it seems to be less about people *reading* blogs than having them flash up on their screen for ten seconds while they're off doing something else. At least with Blogmad and Blog Explosion, there's a *chance* that people will stop and have a read! But it's nice to hear from you anyway, and warm regards to you too!

Mark - I'm delighted that you're interested in Deeksha. Let me know if you decide to try it!

sunflower Optimism

Yes, Simon, that's exactly it - I think it opens up the subconscious and maybe beyond. Ideas would come to me, connections would be made - and I have no clue where any of it came from.

I will try with the longhand again. Cameron specifically says it needs to be longhand because we need that connection with the paper. I did try with the computer and it wasn't the same.


That's interesting, Sunflower. Whenever I start a new piece of writing, I usually start with longhand first. Then when it becomes illegible - which doesn't take long - I switch to the keyboard. But if the writing seizes up in the middle - as it usually does! - I go back to longhand for a while to get the creative juices flowing again. I guess this all ties in with what Julia Cameron says. It's kind of spooky when you think about it!

sunflower Optimism

Hmmm, so you know that of which I speak (ok, of which I write.) It works, but don't know why. Cameron seems to know her stuff! I will have to go back to her books. My hands have been very bad lately, unfortunately even typing is difficult.

Abby Eagle

Deeksha is amazing. I find that it helps clear emotional blocks. After a few months of having deeksha once a month i began to have full body orgasms (not during the Deeksha - though i have had that experience recently) but in my sitting meditations throughout the week. Recently i have been wondering how to open myself more to the divine grace without the help of the deeksha giver. I have been playing around with some techniques and i can get the deeksha experience only on random occasions. I would be interested to know if anyone else has worked out hot to give themselves deeksha on a consistent basis? You can read my meditation notes here: http://www.rejoiceinlife.com/blog/Orgasm.php#an_orgasm Kind regards, Abby Eagle

Secret Simon

Sounds interesting, Abby! Who needs drugs, eh? I have been taught two ways to receive Deeksha 'independently'. First of all, simply ask for Deeksha by saying "Amma Bhagavan Deeksha". I have found this very effective. Secondly, I wonder if you have a copy of the photo of Amma and Bhagavan where they are seated on a throne with what appears to be a silver crystal on the back of it? Simply look at the photo - or talk to the image of Amma and Bhagavan if you wish. The crystal is said to represent the Deeksha. I'm sorry if anyone reading this thinks it sounds like mumbo jumbo, but it is really simply a way of making a connection with the Deeksha!

Abby Eagle

Yes, the deeksha energy is all around us. The Deeksha givers are 'just' transmitters. I have been quite successfull at giving myself deeksha on a number of occasions. I even had the waves of bubbles moving up through my body and the giggling. I think the intent is very important and also the knowing that you don't need to wait for it. Just reach up into the Deeksha energy / divine grace. The divine grace is showering on you right now. But i still go to one deeksha event at least each week. I like the real thing. Sometimes the love is so strong. www.rejoiceinlife.com


Hi Simon,

This is fabulous. I believe the same thing although I have never had Deesha done. I have had energy healings, which I love. I think it is so great that more and more people are following this path in life. Thank you for this great post it is just wonderful.

Love and blessings,

Secret Simon

Thanks for your lovely comment, Angelbaby. Healing is great but I have found Deeksha to be a different level of experience...

joe wallen

Your blog seems open and accepting of all. That resonates with me and I honor your outreach to serve. I am a Blessig giver, a deeksha facilitator who lives in Florida in the U. S. I can transmit Deeksha by phone or intent. E mail me and I will contact you and arrange to send a transmission to you. There is no charge though some like to send an offering . I attended the 21 day process in India last year and recommend it to everyone. View the website oneness movement. com for more details. I will be back in India for the month of April for a deepn ning and to attend the Temple opening
i will be unavailable at that time but totally at your disposal befor and after.
Joseph Wallen

My significant other, his father, and our female friend Sadie all began going to Dallas to recieve the oneness blessing. I was not able to attend and knowing what I know now I am glad. At 20 to 100 dollars a pop for the "blessing" it almost destroyed our lives.

Let me be more specific... it was not the money that was the issue. I feel that every person should realize, that like with anything else, there are people that use this to harm and to take advantage of other people.

Oneness is not an excuse for infidelity. I do not choose to be one with every person that I meet,as there are people out there who do not have my best interest at heart and are only out for themselves. I would agree that we can affect each other for better or for worse. Unfortunately, in my case, it was used for worse. I do not need someone to charge me money to offer me a "blessing." If you are that eager to give away your money for nothing in exchange, I have some land in Florida I can sell you real cheap. Just leave me and my family alone!!!

So if someone ever tells you that there is no such thing as infidelity because we are all "one"...run... unless you are into sociopaths.


Thank you for leaving this feedback. I received Deeksha (aka Oneness Blessing) myself a few days ago, for the first time in six weeks, and this reminded me of what a powerful and beautiful tool for spiritual transformation it can be. I am therefore very saddened to learn that your own experience of this blessing appears to have been subverted in the way you describe.

I myself am wary of the 'free love' ideology of a minority of contemporary spiritual teachers. The human race may eventually progress to the stage where such a thing is possible with innocence and integrity, but at our current stage of development, I fear that it is more likely to act as a mask for the ego-driven desires of the so-called teacher.

I have to say, however, that I have never heard of such an ideology being offered in relation to Deeksha or the Oneness Movement, nor have I ever previously heard of any scandal associated with sexual infidelity attached to the Oneness Movement. However, the truth is that any movement, however honorable, can always be subverted by the shortcomings of individual people who have risen to power within it. Your experience underscores the fact that it is always a mistake to place ultimate faith in any man-made creed or movement. Such teachings should always be measured against the wisdom of our inner selves, our own innate sense of what is right.

You say that what happened almost destroyed your lives. I am relieved to see the word 'almost' in there. I send you my very best wishes in rebuilding your lives and moving on from this.


I only hope everyone else will do what I did and google "deeksha" for research before getting involved with it. The "Oneness University" is a cult and exists to feed the ego and bank account of a very unethical "guru". So many Westerners are being taken in, all with the best intentions but this energy really can be harmful. Don't take my word for it, research it for yourself. Please please please educate yourselves. Forcing energy into your crown chakra is dangerous. Hear it from the people who worked closely with this organization for years and are now warning others about it. deekshadanger.com is one place to look. I know you have the best of intentions but you should know exactly what you are promoting.


Hi Shay - I'm sorry to hear of people having bad experiences after Deeksha. I can only recount my own experience, which is that I and many other local people have been receiving Deeksha for several years now without any such ill effects. In that time, eight people I know have traveled to India to learn how to give Deeksha - again, without any ill effects (except the occasional stomach bug).

I suspect that people sometimes feel that Deeksha has harmed them because it facilitates the process of spiritual transformation, which is inherently a rocky road. As I've discussed on this blog, the transformation requires us to feel - and so release - the negative emotions we store within us. When these emotions come up to be released, it can sometimes be a disturbing process, and people may then feel that the Deeksha has harmed them in some way. But it is not the Deeksha they are feeling, it is their own stored emotions being released. Perhaps there is sometimes inefficient support to guide people through this process. Most of the time, this is down to the individual Deeksha givers. What is really needed is some sort of structured support network. I understand that in Sweden, where Deeksha is more established, such a network is being created.

As for the 'guru', Bhagavan, I don't have access to his bank account details, but I know that course money paid by the westerners who travel to India is used to fund courses for local people at affordable rates - and also to build the massive Oneness Temple, which I have posted about previously:

You use the word ‘cult’, Shay. I never really know what that means, because people who use the term never seem to feel the need to define it or explain what is so bad about it. I’m sure that many people would describe the Oneness Movement as a ‘cult’, but the same term could surely be used for any of the established religions or, for that matter, for any political party. Should they all be avoided too? Certainly, there seem to have been disputes within the Oneness Movement in recent years, with several key figures leaving. One of these is Kiara Windrider, who provides a useful perspective on the controversies here:

One more thing: there is talk on the web site Shay mentioned of Deeksha givers claiming that it is the only path to enlightenment. I myself have never heard this claimed in relation to Deeksha and would have got the h*ll out if it had been. Deeksha is a tool towards enlightenment. Others are available. I have found Deeksha invaluable, but please search within yourself to see what is right for you.


That sound moderate and sincere. Almost 4 years later, we are offered a one day course becomming deeksha giver. I chose to bail out. Reason: I always google, before investing money and time. The Kalki arrested/accused of fraud several times. Abnormal activities at GC. Most promminent people have left, telling stories of who is behind. Left are devotees.
Yes, it may be a must, some times in our life, to follow that intuitive inspiration, and do some hard earned experience, before we can find the source within ourselves.

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