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May 31, 2007



Its the first time I've ever heard of that but anything with the word "Quantum" in it always has a particular buzz and appeal!

Thanks for sharing Simon!

Secret Simon

Thanks for your comment, Amit. I haven't yet come across an explanation of how the Quantum Light Breath gets its name, but I'm interested to find out.

Sue Ann Edwards

I went to fetch somethin'...another link for help with the 'quantum breath'. Her name is Norma Delaney. She's called "Dr. Breath".

I heard her. She can go so deep you can really feel it. A link to her cd is here:




Free Quantum Light Breath MP3 and other audio by Jeru Kabbal: http://jeru.scripting.com/

Secret Simon

The above link doesn't seem to work but Drifter got back in touch with two other links which seem OK:
These are two different versions. The first of them, introduced by a female voice, is the one which I have used.


Was in direct company alongside about 12 or so other people at Firedance Santa Cruz in July 2006 with Richard Bock from Harbin Hot Springs facilitating "QLB" with partner Mellissa Seaman.

From my empirical observation, it's hyperventilation, plain and simple.

It was quite bizarre and startling to see Mellissa sobbing and some others in the group literally howling during their "experience."

A bit of hokum, if you ask me.

I remember Richard looking out of the corner of his (supposed-to-be) closed eyes at me - and distinctly getting a vibe of "What? You're not buying this?!"



Hi orbal1 - Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your comment. I can understand your skepticism but my own experience is that this process is powerful and invaluable. I find myself wishing that there was some authority to which we could turn for clarification on this, but I don't trust the objectivity of scientists when they come to consider stuff they might consider to be 'wacky'. We also need to bear in mind that the received wisdom of science isn't cast in stone. The official advice about what we should do about this or that to help our health seems to vary at an alarming rate, often flatly contradicting what has gone before. Where are we to turn?

I guess one of the principal lessons of this blog is that there *is* an authority to which we can turn: our own intuition or gut feeling, which in the all-the-frequent absence of all the necessary facts tends to be the best thing we have to go on. And my own gut feeling - based upon my experience - tells me that the QLB is good for me.

I too have been in tears with it, though behind closed doors so there wasn't any pressure on me to 'perform'. I was listening on a free download, so I didn't even have to prove to myself that I hadn't wasted my money! I have found it an invaluable way to release suppressed emotions and connect with my higher self. All I would suggest to anyone reading this is that if you decide to try the QLB, do the breathing at a modest pace. Even like this, you can still have a very powerful experience.


Hyper ventilation can occur and its fairly rare.We are all different and this can occur due to a number of reasons,for example negative childhood experiences etc etc.


Many thanks for you input, Pachier! Blessings to you too.


Hi Everyone-There are six musical CD's recommended for QLB- I am interested in one in particular-It features classical pieces- I heard it at
a deeksha event a while ago- CAN ANYONE HELP.
Many thanks


Hi again Pachier - I am only familiar with one version but it may be the one you mean because it makes very effective use of several musical pieces, many of them classical. I believe it is Jeru's original soundtrack. It is available for free here:

You can purchase it on CD (entitled 'The Original Version') at the following URLs:


links still working, great! thanks!


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