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September 18, 2007


Jon F

Hi Simon,
Either we are not reading the same books or I have got the wrong end of the stick on this one. My big thing is that I can create my own reality - not just accept whatever is happenning as reality, but actually choose myself what reality I want. This is a big deal for me as a de-converting christian, because it makes me feel very empowered that I can actually do something now about my situation, rather than just "waiting on the Lord" and hoping He will do something. So in this context, I understand this idea of acceptance to mean that whatever happens, happens. Don't try and pretend it isn't happenning. Embrace it, and experience the full flow of emotions that it evokes within you. BUT, then decide how you wish to label this event. If you choose "bad", that's fine. If you choose "good", thats fine too. But you decide what the event is, not the other way around.


Hi Simon,
I fully agree with your words of wisdom:
...accept whatever is happening in our lives in any one moment, instead of 'arguing with reality..'
The ultimate is reality is God.There can never be 'argument' with Him but only prayer..
Thanks for another good post.
God bless.

Liara Covert

Jon F makes great points. Another way to see things is to sense that whenever you perceive anything that evokes discomfort, and you react unfavorably, you have judged yourself unworthy and felt guilty. When you desire and experience only love, you will see nothing else. Reality is only what you create and desire to see.

Consider if you choose to see suffering, then you will project it in forms that disturb you. In order to value and perpetuate guilt, you must believe it. This means you identify with the ego and continue thinking about images of pain you consciously feel you don't want. Yet, by thinking about them, you create them, you make guilt real. Your ego prompts you to remember the intolerable so you might forget why you exist.


Hi Jon – Thanks for your thought-provoking comment.

As I understand it, it is indeed one of the important lessons of the Conversations With God books that we can create our own reality (aka the law of attraction). So if we pray, it’s not a case of *asking* God for something but of giving thanks *as though it had already come to pass* (and then taking whatever action may be necessary to bring it about). Or if we’re not happy with the concept of ‘God’, we can ask ‘the universe’ instead, or ‘put the intention out there’ or however we want to phrase it. These are all variations on the same thing.

Where I diverge from many people who are into self-development, though, is that I don’t think the law of attraction is all that easy to use in practice. In order to make it work for you, you have to make sure you are *not attached* to the outcome you wish to create. Otherwise all sorts of ‘What if it doesn’t work?’ thoughts tend to get in the way. (I’ve explained this fully in an earlier post, ‘How To Have It All’.) In other words, even as you put out a particular intention, you have to be willing to accept whatever may happen. So in my own personal development, I prioritize acceptance over intention. Once you have mastered the former, the latter will follow, for the negative thoughts will no longer get in the way.

Please understand that I’m talking about *me* here. I fully accept that others of a more naturally positive disposition are able to make the law of attraction work without fully having mastered acceptance – and good luck to them, honestly! But I wonder how large a proportion of people that actually is.

As for labelling things, I wonder why you think it is so important that everything must be labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’? Another important teaching of Conversations With God is that there is light and dark in the world and this is intended. The darkness is needed so that we can recognize the light. That is the whole point of this world. So the things we might label as ‘bad’ aren’t really bad at all. They’re just in the nature of things.

Why this need to label? Acceptance requires *not* labelling things, *not* making judgments. Could it be that you have so absorbed the Christian concept of everything having to be either good or evil that although you now understand that God doesn’t make such judgments, you feel the need to do it yourself? I keep going on about this in the comments I leave on other blogs (I really must put it in a post here sometime!) but I like the interpretation of the Adam & Eve story which says that ‘the fall’ is not about sex at all but about being judgmental. Once Adam and Eve had knowledge of 'good' and 'evil', they started labelling everything. That was why they had to leave the garden. After all, how can you possibly be in paradise when you’re surrounded by lots of stuff you’ve labelled as ‘evil’? Drop the label, and everything can be blissful again!

Of course, as you go through life (and go through lives!) you start to realize that some things serve you better than others. How is it phrased in CWG? Some things reflect who you truly are (or something like that). But this is a more instinctive turning towards the light. It is different from this conscious labelling of everything as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Such judgments can only bring pain. For once you start, it is difficult to stop. So things become ‘bad’, situations are ‘bad’, people are ‘bad’, what you did to me is ‘bad’, this is ‘bad’, ‘that is bad’… So arguments start and wars are fought because of all these things that are perceived to be ‘bad’, so people are killed which of course is ‘bad’ in itself, which means that we have to fight further wars and so on and so forth… Until before you know it, the world is in the state that it is at the moment.

So I humbly suggest that you, me, all of us, *stop* labelling things. I’m not going to fall into the trap of calling this ‘bad’, but it doesn’t serve us!

One postscript to this rather, er, lengthy response: no you are right, acceptance is not about pretending. If emotions flow, let them come. Let them be fully expressed and then they will dissipate. But don’t get into an inner dialog about them. Once we do that, once we get fixated on the ‘badness’ of what has happened, we start to generate further unhelpful emotions. In the context of this post, we start to send out further (unnecessary) waves on the sea of peace.


Hi Surjit - Great to hear from you and thanks for your encouragement. I think there are many ways to describe the ultimate reality and 'God' is certainly one of them. It's not a term that suits everyone, but it's fine with me. And looking at things in this way, the ideal is for life to become a process of continuous prayer, praying for what we want by giving thanks *as though we already had it*, then taking whatever action is needed to bring it into being. So life becomes an endless process of intentional creation: 'praying without ceasing'.


Hi again Liara - Your prolific comments are welcome! People forget that the law of attraction is a double-edged sword. I have mentioned that we may find it hard to get it to work in the way that we consciously want, but we are nevertheless using it all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. Commonly, it is bringing us stuff we may label as 'bad' in response to our fearful thoughts, and - perhaps most commonly of all - it is bringing us a load of confusion because of our muddled thoughts. And the ego may indeed have a vested interest in bringing us all this stuff we can label as 'bad'. You mention one mechanism, and there is also the need to feel smugly superior to all these ‘bad’ things – to say nothing of simply feeding our labelling habit.

Sridhar Varma

Simon, Link to ur blog is up.
see under great blogs cat!
Sorry for being late.

have a great time
& keep in touch.



Hello Simon,
This all reminds me of the Serenity Prayer:
Lord, give me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,The Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.


Hi carole - good to hear from you again! This is a case of 'great minds thinking alike' because Marion also mentioned the Serenity Prayer after the previous post. On that occasion, I was impertinent enough to suggest that it might have to be changed a little to make it clear that we should also accept the things we *can* change (before we change them).

On this post, I have relaxed my position a little, so I am able to give the Serenity Prayer a reprieve! Which I reckon is for the best, because I don't think that my version would resonate in quite so many hearts and minds through so many years as the wonderful original.

Liara Covert

In re-reading this thread, I was drawn to the idea of how people may grow to instinctively 'argue with reality.' As our minds go wandering, they may mix up world of dreams and conjured illusions. We create our own "ripples" so to speak. Yet, we can also find key to salvation among our many thoughts. The point is, when will you realize you know yours?


Hi Liara - I think the key for me has been not in thoughts but in experience: in the fleeting glimpses of a different way of being which I have experienced first hand - whether in meditation or spontaneously. Thoughts can be needed to help us find our way back there - or more specifically to help us find our way out of the labyrinth of the mind into which we've fallen. Which, to a large extent, is what our blogs are about, I suppose. But ultimately, I think we'll only find our way back if we *stop* thinking. If we allow the internal dialog to quieten so that we can hear and experience what's real.

Ajay Prajapati

I think the key for me has been not I was drawn to the idea of how people may grow to instinctively 'argue with reality

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