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October 31, 2007



I've had two hands-on Deekshas, and participated in two other remote ones. The very first handson one left me feeling such pressure in the area over my third eye, and along the sides of my head! After the first week, the pressure was gone and I'm totally positive that much has changed about my life through these Oneness transmissions! :) Great post, Simon...thank you.

I've left something for you over at my place.


Malcolm Campbell

Unfortunately, we've all received so many wakeup calls, we're de-densitized to them.

Worse yet, most people don't trust the data about large term calamities. Global warming has become such a politicized issue, what with "definitive reports" coming out from both major parties in the U.S., that the man on the street doesn't know who to believe.

The minute conservatives see that the U.N. had something to do with the report, they'll say, yeah sure, this from a group that wants world government and veritable socialism.

The minute liberals see anything from those scientists--who also have very good credentials--who say that everything on earth goes in cycles and that the warming we're talking about has come and gone before without destroying the planet, people will say, yeah, sure, this is from another one of those anti-government groups.

The politics involved has destroyed the argument just as badly now as 40 years ago when Sierra Club members were fighting "the restablishment."

Then, as now, there was no meeting of the minds, no consensus, because "sides" had developed and everyone thought that statistics and official reports could be made to show both sides of diverse arguments.

As I mentioned in my blog recently in a post about the Georgia drought, it appears that even though Atlanta is clearly running out of water, folks don't really believe there's a need yet for any real conservation efforts.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed your post and hope your optimism will spread to others!


Sue Ann Edwards


NOW I know why I was looking into the book I pulled out of my pile last night. I will post the exact excerpt on a post in my blog and you can read it for yourself.

What is happening in 2012 has happened numerous time before, to Us, on this planet. Every 26,000 years or so. In the times before, there was great upheaval with most of our race being wiped out. Those of us alive today all share the same dna that survived through the last bottle neck in time.

THIS time we're walking through while still in our bodies instead of out of them.

I point out that everything mentioned we've done, is mentioned from a perspective of being SEPERATE from Earth Mother. What IF everything we've done has been done at our Earth Mother's edict? For the Divine Mother being a Victim is a ridiculous perspective.

What's been going on, due to all the polluting things we've done, is MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO PASS THROUGH THIS SHIFT, without all the great upheavals that would end up wiping most of us out, if these changes happened all at once.

Letting go of our attachments is more gracefully done a little at a time instead of wiped out all at once.

new illuminati

You know - I remember when the world tilted and Atlantis went down. I recall when Niriru/Icthus was shattered and we all fell to Earth and Ares.
Everyone knew what was coming. Everyone was aware that doom was about to befall them, their families and institutions.
In some times and places one can blame the hypnotic thrall leaders customarily place the proples under for their ignorance and lack of response.
But the truth is that most people are, as the hideous Illuminati aver, thoughtless, useless cattle waiting for the slaughter.
Some always survive - usually the most ruthless bastards, who've sucked up much of their civilization to reach a position where it's possible to leap from the shoulders of their dying slaves and brethren onto a new plane, planet or perspective.
Destruction becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as these insecure jerks use up the planet even faster to realise their mad ambitions.
This all happens so regularly one could be forgiven for thinking that Gaia's children are all robots - or braindead.
Then you come along to remind us that there are some who CAN see what's coming down.
Band together with the like-minded.
It's the only long-term chance you have.
R. Ayana
see http://newilluminati.blog-city.com


So how will WE write it? How shall it read when we look back on December 21, 2012? We certainly have the elements in place to destroy ourselves. The planet has experienced cataclysmic events in its history - polar shifts, ice ages, etc. No one really knows. What the Mayan's meant with their End-Count calendar will always be up for speculation. It fires the imagination, for sure. SOooo let's write it like we want it. That is what Chris Fenwick did in the #1 Visionary Novel: "the 100th human." You choose... www.the100thhuman.com


Great post. No doubt we are in a time of transformation and I believe the best is yet to come.


Hi Simon...

The way I figure it, life has been in peril many times before.

If little creatures could figure out a way to eat the sun, then we can figure out a way to stop killing each other and taking cre of our planet!


Thank you for this great post~



This is a great post, Simon, and I agree with you completely.

And I don't believe the road ahead will be an easy one, either, but I like the idea of banding together.

Great post, Simon...once again, you've made me think about it for the majority of the day!

Jeremy Jacobs

Could be just newspaper talk.

Secret Simon

Thanks for all your comments – it’s great to hear from so many people!

Grace – I’m delighted that you’re benefiting from Deeksha. Thanks for letting me know. And thanks again for the award – I shall display it in my next post!

Malcolm – I’m glad you thought the post was optimistic! I was a bit worried it was too *pessimistic*. The first response I got a few minutes after I posted was of someone unsubscribing. So I wrote a quick memo to myself: ‘Don’t put ‘Earth Doomed’ in any more post titles – some people may find it depressing!”

But I guess that just goes to illustrate your point, Malcolm. If you’ve chosen to align yourself with the other ‘side’, then you don’t want to listen. And taking sides instead of striving to develop consensus is another thing that humans do, is it not? We seem to be more interested in the drama of debate than in finding solutions, another facet of a consciousness which is ‘not fit for purpose’.

I used to think that the one thing which would unite the human race would be an invasion of space aliens. But no – I now realize that we’d be too busy arguing about whether or not they existed. Most people would think it was a cunning plot: just capitalists/socialists (delete as appropriate) dressed up in bug-eyed monster suits.

Sue-Ann - So often what you write seems to teeter tantalizingly on the edge of my understanding, so that I can almost (but not quite) grasp its meaning. Maybe this is your intention and you are communicating on a subconscious level, but what you say here is particularly fascinating so I shall try and coax you into something more explicit…

My brain is a bit sluggish at present and this particular post of mine went through numerous rewrites while I tried not to appear too wacky, be too pessimistic, or go on too long etc. So one piece of clarification that eventually got missed out is that I don’t really think the Earth is doomed at all. I believe it’s *the human race* that is in danger - the planet will probably get on perfectly well without us.

When you’ve mentioned to me previously about the Earth Mother not being a victim and suggested that disasters like the California fires are really themselves ‘divine intervention’, this is what I thought you were talking about: that these disturbances are part of the natural balance being restored. Eckhart Tolle has suggested the idea of the earth raising its temperature a few degrees in order to get rid of a troublesome infection (us), just as our bodies might run a temperature to deal with a dose of flu. So this is not really anything out of the ordinary – except from *our* perspective.

But I now see that you seem to be suggesting something different: that we have mistreated the earth specifically in order to bring about the current planetary disruptions because we *need* them.

I suggested that the 2012 transformation is required because of all the damage we’ve done: because we need a new, saner consciousness in order to put things right. But you seem to be suggesting that this is putting the cart before the horse: that all the damage has been done *because* the 2012 transformation is going to happen.

This what I am struggling to understand. I can kind of get how losing some attachments now could help us make the mental adjustment to losing more later, but you also seem to be saying that without these present disruptions, the later upheavals would wipe us out. I don’t understand why that should be so. Could you give any clarification?

R Ayana – As you say, we need to take action to secure our future. But what seems important to me is that when we ‘band together’, there will be no ‘us’ and ‘them’ any more. The ‘ruthless bastards’ you mention will be there at our side, working towards a common aim.

Chris – Just a tip: your comments will seem less like spam if you write them in the first person! I took a look at your site though. Your book seems to be along the lines of the Celestine Prophecy. The underlying ideas seem good but I couldn’t find a sample of your prose. How about putting the first few chapters on the net to get people hooked? (It’s OK. I’ll waive the consultancy fee...)

And as you say, how will we write this story of ours? The prophecies of 2012 speak of either the end of the world as we know it or else of a new golden age. I believe that the latter should be our focus. But it won’t happen unless we take action to bring it into being.

Mark – As usual, you take a positive outlook! And that is vital, I think. We need to focus on the golden age, not on the alternative. It’s the law of attraction again.

Jen – Great to hear from you, and thanks for drawing my attention to the prokaryotes! (See http://www.earthlight.org/editorial25.html )
As you say, we have the capacity to survive. Dramatic transformations *do* occur when the need arises.

Marion – Thank you! I wasn’t sure how this post would be received. It can seem kind of wacky writing about planetary transformation in four years time – but if we look around, we can see that the world is a volatile place. The apparently stable place in which you and I were raised has already disappeared.

Jeremy – Welcome! Hmm, newspaper talk? Or in the case of the Daily Mail, *newspaper silence*…

Thank you for your recent comment on my blog. I love your suggestions, especially about the music.

I'll be adding your blog as well. It's great to meet you :)


Yeah, sorry. That was me --^

Sue Ann Edwards

Thank you for being patient with me Simon.

Maybe I can communicate it this way...

Maybe a lot of species are CHOOSING to leave the planet at this time for the purpose of their own evolution? You know, take a step up the evolutionary ladder, just like we're doing?

Maybe if all of us could see the inner realities we've been hiding we could see that what is coming out into expression in our World has ALWAYS been there?

And at least NOW it is coming out.

Yes, our life styles are definitely going to change...FOR THE BETTER. And the faster we are able to release our emotional atachments to THINGS and to THINGS STAYING THE SAME, the quicker that 'better' is going to get here.

In ANY polarity issue where we see parts in conflict, like Man and the Earth, what we are TRULY seeing, are ends of the same rubber band. A lot of time stresses build up on the rubberband, just so it will snap and then the ends comes rushing back together.

What we've done, 'man', is create the perfect circumstances for our Spiritual growth. Earth is supporting that growth. And whether or not our personality's are going to like it, depends a lot on how connected our personality's are with our Soul's.

If we aren't connected now...we will be.

The 'letting go of attachments', is actually a transference. Where once we were emotionally attached to THINGS, we become attached to our Spirit, instead. As we do, THINGS become of less importance.

Ask the people who experienced Katrina, the bridge that collapsed or the recent fires, if their values had shifted. Do they value 'life' more or less?

I don't know if this helps or muddies the waters even more...but I tried.

And yes, I am working on other levels of consciousness, too.

Secret Simon

May - Hi! It's great to hear from you - do call again!

Sue Ann - I can connect much more with this second comment - thank you! As you say, what we see around us is what is inside us coming out. Something I'd like to do in a future post is to talk a lot more plainly about how spiritual development brings painful emotions which we've been storing inside to the surface. This is happening to me on a personal level and it seems to be happening to the human race in general. We're no longer willing to suppress our emotions so they're spilling out all over the place, hence the chaos we see all around us. All of which is further evidence that something important is going on with us all.

And perhaps it is misleading of me, in any case, to talk about cause and effect. It makes little sense to say 'we're changing because of the chaos' or 'there is chaos because we are changing'. If this transformation is happening, it is rooted in a reality beyond our material world, beyond time and space, where cause and effect do not have any meaning. These things simply *are*.

r ayana

How many ruthless bastards do you know personally? Surely you don't think everyone agrees with your enlightened attitudes? Even if only 10% of the population is fundamentally damaged in ways that damage the environment and injure everyone around them (and whether you believe it or not, this is a VERY conservative estimate) that still represents a major problem for everyone else - particularly if that 10% is the control freaks who want to rule everyone else!

The reason we're in such a parlous state is not due to the ignorance of Humanity - the legions of well-funded greenhouse deniers payed by the oil and coal MAFIA surely prove that!

I live in arural area where 99% of the so-called 'farmers' destroy more every day; virtually none of them are doing anything positive; out of sight of their better informed city cousins they trash the planet on the behalf of blind consumers.

They're at the source of Humanity's Real Estate - the rest of you live DOWNSTREAM and your downstream efforts will come to naught if the problems aren't addressed at the source.

The source exists in ALL of us - but its pollutants manifests at the summit of the human pyramid hive, as well as at its purblind base.

If you want to change human nature, examine yourself and see what you teach your children every day. Allowing them to be absorbed into a moribund culture is no sulution; an ethical life begins in the cradle and at your parents' knee or it doesn't exist in peoples' lives.

Similarly, Humanity's collective infancy has been programmed by hideous superstitious fear-mongering fantasies.

What dreams will capture the minds of today's 'well-educated' humans and program them to act in their own best interests?

Another regional lie, or the truth of our exisytence?



Hi again r ayana - "If you want to change human nature, examine yourself". There we fully agree. If we want to change human nature - and so the world - we have to be prepared to examine and change the dark side within ourselves. Change - and peace - begin within.

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