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January 20, 2008


Sue Ann Edwards

I'd like to see more encouragement for our abilities to adapt and change. If things get wet, we'll move. It really is limiting being attached to particular places.

There's a big difference between being "down to earth" and being "stuck in the mud".

We'll adapt or die, same thing as we've always done, biologically speaking. I have Faith in us. I know we're afraid of change but we need to get over it...emotionally grow up...develop. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

We're inventive. We're competent. We're imaginative. We're creative. We will meet any and all changes and challenges, with confidence and courage.

Chase March

I always think of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe when these discussions come up. I love the storyline about the Earth being a giant computer and that every single living thing on it is part of a program. It is a metaphor to show the connectedness of every living thing. I believe this to be true and I have yet to see a better metaphor about it.


I agree with you, this will take a spiritual evolution which I believe will happen one way or another. Great post!

Secret Simon

Sue Ann - Thanks for pointing out so eloquently the broader implications of spiritual transformation. I've been focusing on the attendant awareness of Oneness, the realization that we're all in this together, as an incentive for us all to get down and get things fixed, instead of focusing on our own individual interests. But of course such transformation would also involve both acceptance of what is and loss of attachment to what we possess, which will give us the courage we need to adapt to our changing circumstances.

Secret Simon

Hi Chase - It's interesting that you point this out because Hitchhikers author Douglas Adams was a noted 'unbeliever', like Philip Pullman. It's intriguing that both men should be drawn to the idea of connectedness and oneness and I find myself wondering if they would have turned their backs on religion if they'd been brought up in a Buddhist or Hindu culture instead. I often feel with atheists and agnostics that they have rebelled against the Christian concept of God and haven't really considered the other alternatives. When I first started blogging, I used to contribute to a few atheist sites and it seemed to kind of confuse them. They were only used to arguing with Christians.

Not that I particularly wish to distinguish between the religions, I should add. I am much more interested in the similarities between them, which is something I'd like to blog about in the future...

Secret Simon

Thanks Mark - If fish could come out of the water, it can happen for us!


For what it's worth, I don't think it makes much of a difference whether one is a "believer" or not. Does it really matter whether we call a phenomenon "connectedness" or "God"? I prefer not to use the G word, because that word tends to travel with a lot of excess baggage. Truth is truth, no matter what name we give it, and no matter what we as individuals believe. And whatever we do believe, that may or may not be the truth. I prefer to use yardsticks such as "useful" and "helpful", myself. I share your interest in the similarities between religions, Simon, and look forward to you blogging about them.

Secret Simon

I totally agree, Pam. Thanks for your comment! All these concepts we have, whether religious, scientific or whatever, are models of the truth: approximations only. But there is only *one* truth, so we are misguided if we place our focus on the differences between the models. The truth is more likely to lie in the points of similarity. It is like having road maps produced by two different publishers, one with the highways marked in blue and the other with them marked in yellow. Adherents of one map think only in terms of blue roads and are unable to communicate with those who believe that the roads are yellow. The roads look so different, the two groups cannot conceive that they they are talking about the same thing.

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