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March 14, 2008


pete reilly

Ego is amazing. This week I caught myself exaggerating the number of clients I am serving in a conversation with an acquaintance. (I just added one to the real number. Silly really)

The minute the exaggerated number came out of my mouth I realized that it was my ego talking and it was just trying to 'complete itself'.

Wow. I guess I have to trust that awareness of the ego will help put distance between the eternal me and it; and that over time it will become less of an influence in my life.


Sue Ann Edwards

Anytime there is an 'e', esoterically it symbolizes "God" or "Source". E-go, is I Go, just as e-motion is energy in motion.
That part of us which you speak of, that trips us up every time, is the part of our Identity that identifies ourself as a child of man. This is the identity that blocks the way from realization and recognition of being a son of god primarily. It is the difference between what we and the world has made of us and how we are CREATED to be.

We reach the Light at the end of the tunnel just as soon as we realize we ARE that Light. While the dark walls of the tunnel are all our thoughts and ideas of not being.

Child of man lives on survival fears. Child of God doesn't. One is an identification with that which is our dust and the other, that which returns to where it came from, Eternal.

Liara Covert

It isn't surprising the question about dissolving ego is raised during the Eckart/ Oprah teachings. Yet, humans get the idea that ego is all bad. To me, that isn't the case. You can live 'in the now' and become a master of ego, instead of slave to ego craving, temptation, lower impulses, and desires.

The problem is not the ego mask itself, but our refusal to detach from it. Attachment is the obstacle. As we learn ego is an illusion with no existence of its own, we begin to grasp why we give it life. It appears to be real because of the power it derives from our sense of Self. When we grow accept ourselves as we are, unconditionally, we feel free, empowered and at peace.

As for the dolphin, I love heart-warming stories. Nots this mammal lives in water. Now, water represents feeling and emotion. The ego tells us we don't like what we feel (i.e. pain, anger, grief). We're urged to suppress discomfort. To do this only lays groundwork for long-term unpleasantness. What the dolphin says is enjoy water (emotion) for what it is, for what you can learn, but swim freely and permit our feelings to flow naturally without fear.

Sue Ann Edwards

Ancient Mariners used to tell tales of Sea Sirens, whose songs always carried them away to their demise. Like Liara shares, "Man's" attitude about being sensitive creatures.

What we feel is a result of the ideas in our minds. Like this piece, a circle, which can be turned many ways. From one perspective, the Siren riding the dolpin are riding the wave, "hanging ten", directing their course. From another perspective, they are about to be swamped by it, overwhelmed.

It's been called "Empowering" when we begin to realize our Creative Sovereignty of this level of our realities. I don't have to wait for anyone else to be able to FEEL any way I choose. I can learn how to love me. Then I will "have" and seek to share, instead of "need" and seek to get.

The formula is simple. If I desire to be Loved, then all I need do is BE Lovable. For one is a cause and the other, an effect.


Pete - Great to hear from you! On the scale of egoic inflation, I think your story ranks pretty low - adding a few zeroes to the end of the number would probably be more the norm for our society! - but it goes to show how deeply ingrained our competitive habits are.

Sue Ann - Thanks for your excellent summary of where we are and where we could be.

Liara - Thanks for pointing out that the ego isn't all bad. Indeed, it was created for a very good purpose. Without it, everything in this mortal existence would get very confusing. We need to know which body is ours and which belongs to somebody else. Otherwise, for instance, we'd be blowing other people's noses instead of our own. As you say, it is *attachment* to the ego which is the problem.

I love these little animal profiles of yours. I'm tempted to mention the duck-billed platypus next and see what you make of that! What you say about the dolphin reminds me of the upcoming series of posts I'm writing at the moment. 'Permit our feelings to flow naturally without fear': I think that lies at the heart of the riddle of our mortal existence.

Sue Ann again - And your words, too, lie at the heart of that riddle. All we need to do is turn our perceived notion of cause and effect on its head - and the way to do that is to 'see' it that way. I guess it's a bit like turning round that dancer...

(I love the sculpture!)

I feel really lucky to receive so much wisdom in your comments, girls! All Pete and I need to do is to get from here to there. But we're working on it...

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