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July 01, 2008



Eckhart would say that the real "key" is to accept that you can't accept this at the moment.
Stop resisting the non acceptance ......and see what happens!


Oh boy, have I been there before. It is so easy for us to say just turn the key and the door will open but when you are there, well ........... it is a different story. I once had a great man tell me that sometimes it happens so we take the time to rest. Maybe that is what you need to accept. I don't know if it is but I had to accept that before I could move on. You see, I am disabled too.

Love and Blessings,

Andy D

What a fantastic opportunity! Experience the resistence fully! Don't try and 'fix it' or remove it simply face it fully and experience it fully.

Liara Covert

Nothing compares to the feeling of gardening in the great outdoors and inhaling the magic and miracles. You will find precisely what you need exactly where you are.

Sue Ann Edwards


Sometimes things just 'come' to me...

As I read your post, I truly admired your hard head. (I've got one, too) We're not dumb, just dense. Of course, that's what density is all about, huh?

It comes to me to ask...

have you accepted being ANGRY yet?


Hi Simon - it's funny how we have our ups and downs in our personal growth and healing path - we just think we've "gotten it" and then we have a new challenge.

Good luck with it all!


Sally and Andy - Many thanks for your advice! I already knew it of course - and I've even written about it here on the blog (in my Ultimate Truth series of posts for instance) but it seems to be in the nature of spiritual development that we need to keep on being reminded.

Seeing these two pieces of advice side by side - Sally stressing the need to accept (even the fact that you can't accept!) and Andy challenging me to experience what I'm feeling fully - emphasizes the fact that the two are one and the same. In order to fully accept something, we *have* to experience it fully. Indeed, now I think about it, perhaps our tendency to live in our minds instead of truly experiencing the present moment is a symptom of our disinclination to fully accept what is.


Hi Angelbaby - Thanks so much for sharing this. A lot of current spirituality material suggests that illness is simply a bad life choice. If we sort out what's going on in our mind, then we'll feel better. This is something else I need to get round to doing a post about, because I think it's an oversimplistic view of things.

It seems to me that illness often - perhaps always - has a 'meaning' to it. A downturn in someone's condition may have a physical meaning - as Angelbaby suggests, it may simply indicate a need to rest - but it may also be of spiritual significance. As Eckhart Tolle says, if you can accept the unacceptable, this provides an opportunity to say a big 'yes' to the present moment. This is what happened to me in the above post when I accepted the way I was feeling. This allowed me to 'enter the garden'.

Sue Ann Edwards has suggested to me that my illness has allowed me to 'go inward', and indeed were it not for the illness, it is very unlikely that I would have started this blog. I wonder if the same is true of you, Angelbaby? Were it not for your disability, would you be writing your blog? Would you have the connection with the source of love and support which you clearly have?


Thanks to to my dedicated commenter, Liara! You are quite right about gardening. I love it! All the time, whatever we're doing, we're collaborating with the universe to bring our experience into being, but most of the time, most of us don't realize what's happening. When we're gardening, however, the marvelous partnership is revealed. We plant the plant. We water it. The universe does the rest.

How does the saying go? 'You're closer to God in a garden than anywhere else on Earth.' Especially when you've got soil on your fingers...


Sue Ann - I am always impressed by your psychic powers! You speak about my 'hard head'. Well, feelings of heaviness in the head are part of my symptoms. You go on to ask me about anger. You know when I first saw your comment? When I stormed downstairs after a shouting match with Chris. Spooky, eh?

But thanks for asking. No, I think there are many things in myself that I haven't accepted yet, and my outbursts of anger are one of them. But I think I'm going to feel a lot lighter when I do...


Robin - Yes, what you say is exactly right. Even when we remember the various techniques we've learned, it can still be a problem to put them into practice in the new situations which life throws up for us. New events can seem so all-important, that everything else gets lost.

A wacky analogy springs to mind. You learn to shoot. You practice on a fixed bulls eye target, and you get that down to a fine art. Bulls eye every time. Then you start shooting moving balls on the top of spouts of water. Eventually you master that too. At last - you really know how to shoot! So you go out into the world to put your new skill into action.

And the first thing you have to shoot is your pet dog.

OK, so it's a bit of a strange analogy. But that's how putting acceptance into practice can often seem.

Thanks to you all for your comments!

Sue Ann Edwards


It really is no spooky power Simon. It really is quite simple. The same Spirit is within each and every single one of us. We are all One, in Spirit.

Spirit also always knows us the best, the most intimately. So all I did was ask Spirit and that's what I described as 'coming to me'.

I have simply learned how to listen. And with this hard head of mine, sometimes, a lot of times, a message has to be repeated and quite loudly, too.

Keep in mind, in order to break our habits, we have to repeatedly substitute one pattern for the other, over and over until a *new* habit is developed to replace the old one.

We're not *dumb*, just *dense*.


Sue Ann Edwads

ps.. There is a 'cross in the heavens' right now, an arrangement of magnetic fields, that is figuratively crucifying you right now. THAT'S why you've been experiencing what you've been experiencing and why I've been keeping a 'mind's eye' on you, lately. Just look at like I was a tool, standing right next to you, ready for your use in any way I can be of aid.


Sue Ann Edwads

oh yea....



What a beautiful realization that Acceptance is the key to happiness. What I do instead of force myself to feel acceptance is simply ask the Universe to help me allow myself to feel acceptance. It usually works. Helen


Hi Sue Ann - Thanks for your lovely messages. I really appreciate your support! And I think I understand what you mean by 'denseness' now. I have an image of a large crane with a wrecking ball, thumping away at my head until that hard shell of old patterns is broken away.


And boo to you too!!


Hi Helen! Welcome to my blog - and thanks so much for leaving this message! My first impulse was simply to respond with my own experience: that you can never force acceptance, that I believe it is always an available option, yet the way to achieve it is sometimes hidden. It almost seems to be a question of 'aligning' yourself with it, like the cylinders of a combination lock suddenly clicking into place. When it happens, it's always so easy, as though nothing could be so obvious, so natural, so inevitable... Yet perhaps the first step is the most important: to have the desire to open the lock in the first place.

And then I decided to act on *your* experience, Helen: to ask for help. I received in response a wonderful wave of love and a feeling of energy on the crown of my head. So thank you so much for sharing your experience with me. It seems like I should ask for help more often...


Hi Simon:

Thank you so very much for your comment. Asking for help is the answer and if you need support in anyway please leave a message on my blog (www.theloveyourselfcoach.blogspot.com and I will get right back to you.

No man is an Island and we are all here to help each over. Helen


Thanks Helen!

Sue Ann Edwards

It really is a wonderful suggestion Helen has shared. I had forgotten. I used to us it all the time. Anytime I didn't like the way I felt, I'd ASK to see the experience or situation from Spirit's eyes. And that Vision would come with Understanding with it. Once understanding sinks in, everything caused by our illusions disappear. it's these illusions that we all wrestle with. Like Hercules, lift the serpent up into the air!


Thanks for this contribution, Sue Ann - I seem to remember that you have suggested this to me in the past. Which really takes us back to one of the main ideas which has emerged from this post: that we may have proven techniques to aid our spiritual progress, we may even write about them in our blogs, but we don't always bring them to mind when we need to use them!


((( Simon ))) Hi there! I'm so sorry to hear that you have been experiencing such physical challenges. Can I send Reiki to you???

Your post here was incredibly powerful and something I've been working on myself. I don't know how many times I've reminded me of these words by Byron Katie says, "When you argue with reality, you lose - but only 100% of the time!"

LOL Loving What Is....and sending you thoughts of wellbeing and peace, Simon. It's good to have you back amongst us :)


Thanks for your lovely message, Grace - and that's a great quote from Byron Katie! I'm thinking of using some favorite quotes to fill in the gaps in my sidebar. I've a feeling that might be among them...

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