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September 09, 2008


Malcolm Campbell

My moments seem to be less dramatic and to shed light on smaller pieces of the entire puzzle. Over time, those moments begin to add up and slowly change my life. But it's more evolution than revolution.



I don't really have a particular moment that I can think of offhand. Perhaps a period for a few days after I did my first major personal growth workshop (which was 2.5 days long) - I remember walking around the streets etc feeing very connected with everything.

I think this has been a lasting change for me - though it would be because I have done a lot of healing, or "growth" work (if you'd call it work), as well as that particular workshop, I think.


Great post, I am going to have to read that book, sounds really good. Thanks for sharing this.

I did the A-Z tag and it is up!

Love and Blessings,


I can't say I've had a revelation in just sixty seconds, however, over time I had a spiritual revelation.

About ten years ago I had thyroid cancer. After surgery, which was successful and was the only treatment I needed, I attended a cancer support group called Gilda's Club.

I have to say, sitting in that group week after week with other survivors and with people who I met twice and then who died, I had my own awakening. I realized that every person on this earth is filled with God.

Every person has a soul and if we are fortunate enough, we can look past the body, the eyes, the hair, the face and see what is inside the other person.

I cannot say I live every moment this way. But I do feel I was given a gift of awareness and I try to remember that more often than not.

Lynda Lehmann

Simon, I have always called my (seeming) epiphanies, "lucid moments" because in them I perceive a sense of wholeness and clarity that seems to rise beyond my everyday level of consciousness.

The lucid moments inspire me and seem to soothe and yet arouse my psyche. They also remind me that we all have so much potential that we don't actualize, and that the world is fill of what we perceive as "miracles."

An interesting post... thanks!


Yes there are the peak experiences which are blissful. But somehow I am finding that when I cease to look for the next one the underlying sense of peace and joy just bubbles up and I know for sure it is always always there. I feel it really is just a case of leaving the mind to one side and my focus at this moment is on these words........I AM HERE NOW!


Moments of Total connectedness does reveal the oneness in existence. Glimpses they are, on the process of evolution.
Inner transformation that naturally happens alongside to "just be'

Alexys Fairfield

Hi Simon,
What a great concept. I had an idea similar to this. It is a cool way to get a spiritual tune-up and it doesn't take all day. Perfect.

I will look for the book or shall I say, add it to my list.



Malcolm – Thanks for your comment. ‘More evolution than revolution’: I think that’s how the process is for most of us. Not many people seem to get a sudden permanent falling away of the ego like Eckhart Tolle did. Even so, I got a number of fairly spectacular moments of revelation which kind of preceded any real changes I’ve made. My best guess is that some of us need such sticks of dynamite to grab our attention in the first place.

Robin – Thanks for sharing this! I reckon ‘Sixty Seconds’ is a great name for the book, but these revelations come in all shapes and sizes. What you describe sounds very similar to an experience I had after attending a workshop called the ISA Experience. Once again, for me, it was kind of a ‘false alarm’, another pointer to what might be possible in the future if I moved in that direction. I guess I just needed (and still need!) a lot of persuasion to change my ways! Well done to you, Robin, for building your experience into a lasting change!

Angelbaby – I’m delighted you did the A-Z – and I hope you enjoy the book!

Cardiogirl – Thanks so much for sharing your touching experience in such a powerful way. Illness – and other forms of suffering – do seem to offer a gateway into a deeper understanding of who we are. I’m pleased you were able to benefit from your experience and, of course, that your treatment was successful.


Linda – ‘Lucid moments’: thanks for that! What a wonderful way to describe them! For when those moments come, they do indeed seem to be lucid. It is as though ignorance is swept away and the beautiful, obvious truth is revealed at last.

Sally – Thanks for reminding us to leave the mind to one side and offering those words, “I am here now!”, as a simple technique for connection to peace. It took me a long time to realize that expectation is the ultimate antidote to spiritual experience. Only when the mind is still can wisdom arise.

Mergingpoint – Thanks for your contribution! Yes, these moments of revelation may indeed be just a natural part of the process of evolution, though in my case they seemed to precede the process…

Alexys – Thanks for dropping by! Yes, it’s a great idea for a book, isn’t it? As soon as I heard about it, I wished I’d thought of it myself. I hope you enjoy reading it (when it eventually rises to the top of your list). And if you do have a similar but different idea, I look forward to seeing it in print...

Thanks so much for all your contributions!


Moments like these usually bounce me forward in my quest, whatever it may be at the moment. And certainly the big epiphanies changed my life completely...every one.

Everyday, some small miracle happens,and in just those few moments, my view point of life may change.


Hmmm...this book sounds very interesting and one that I may add to my library.

I can't say that I have ever felt ~enlightened~, but I can say ~I am a seeker~.

I have felt darkness ...beginning in childhood. What amazes me is NO matter what was going on in my world I always managed to see shards of light and find happiness! So I learned the light is "within"..and that continually gives me peace of heart AND..keeps me seeking. :)

Not sure if I made any sense..this is why I prefer painting to speaking. hee, hee

I SEE your words, through your site, as a place of light.


Yes, I can say that there have been 60 second changes...but those were usually the capstone of weeks, months or years of germanating understandings or meditations. Still, things were foggy and then they were not...a shift we call it, and once the shift happens, I think we see things differently because we are no longer at the place and time we were at 60 seconds before. Open eyes make for an entirely new surrounding. As usual, what a cool post. THANKS Simon!

Joanna Vaughan

I had never even heard of the law of attraction before I was handed a book on the subject six years ago. Excuse me Your Life is waiting by Lynn Grabhorn was my "moment". I had always considered myself to be spiritual and knew of something greater than myself but this book was absolutely life changing. I can't explain it any other way than it was as if I had been living the first 27 years of my life with my eyes shut. Suddenly I was awake and completely aware, which at times has also been terrifying (still). No matter how difficult things in my life may have been, I just somehow knew it was going to be okay, and it was. I was actually manifesting again which was something I knew I could do when I was little. This book also acted as a reminder of something I and I think all of us already instinctually know about that just gets unlearned along the way. I know I still have so much to learn but I live my life now seeking out these amazing (sixty second) moments.
This sounds like a wonderful book. I'm looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the great blog :)


Well done you for recognizing those everyday miracles, Marion - and from what I read in your blog, I know that you do! All too many of us turn a blind eye to such things, focusing instead on whatever nonsense is currently playing in our heads...

You may not recognize yourself as 'enlightened', gypsy-heart, but from what you say, I think you are further along that path than most of us. You say: 'no matter what was going on in my world I always managed to see shards of light and find happiness' and 'I learned the light is within': both these statements display the depth of your 'knowing'. And thank you so much for what you say about my site. 'A place of light'! I could wish for nothing more.

Hi Harmony - I like the way you describe those shifts: 'things were foggy and then they were not'. I seem to get those moments more and more, yet afterwards the fog appears to descend again and I'm left the same as before. Yet perhaps, in truth, there *is* a change. Perhaps part of the fog stays lifted, however small a portion it may be. Thank you for your comment!


Welcome to my blog, Joanna! You say that manifesting was something you knew you could do when you were little. I think there is so much in life that we have 'unlearned along the way', such as how to live in the moment, happily and fearlessly. We are guided to unlearn all that and are taught instead the 'adult' way to live, which just happens to be pretty much dysfunctional! I am glad that you are rediscovering a better way to be...

Your experience with Lynn Grabhorn’s book sounds similar to the one I had when I was first introduced to Neale Donald Walsch’s ‘Conversations With God Book One’. It was as though everything I had always known was at last revealed to me! Thanks so much for your comment.


Where oh where are you? I miss you allot. Let me know if you are alright, please.

Lots of Love and Blessings to you my dear friend,


Thanks for your concern Angelbaby! Due to pressure of other stuff, I'm carrying on my 'summer schedule' of just posting every couple of weeks for the time being. I find this gives me more chance to do other things, such as spending more time visiting my other favorite blogs - yours included! I'll see you round at your place then...
love - Simon
P.S. I've just done a new post...

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