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December 22, 2008



When I have more time, I'll be back to listen to the songs, Simon. In the meantime - may you and yours enjoy a blessed holiday! :) I love your post here....God IS Love!


Insightful as always! I like the idea that love is not lost, only that it's been forcefully experienced. I wonder how that story would carry on..? Anyway, I personally have such problems with God-talk simply because it brings my mind right back to the traditional dualist way of thinking, yet maybe can cause friction between people who think that people like us are just trying to show off. Just something I've been thinking about in regards to a spiritual site I've hung out on a bit, where they use the term all the time. Seems to be deeply ingrained in many an American heart. Wishing you a lovely holiday anyway and keep up the good work! Would be nice to hear how your year's been. I left you a comment on my blog. Take GOOD care!! Vivi-Mari



Wish U A Happy New Year 2009 ;)



The understanding of love too has been misunderstood by many. there is nothing to lose or gain in love. Love is liberation... drowning in love is not a loss..very well said Simon!
words are to communicate, so it is wise to select the appropriate for the purpose.


Sorry I am late for Christmas but I was out of town having a wonderful time with my family so please forgive me. I hope you and your family had a marvelous Christmas with lots of love and joy!

Love and Blessings,


Hi Simon - hope you had a great Christmas! - and thanks for the link to my project.

I like the way you interpret the song - I too felt reservations at first - but see we can decide "thy will" is our inner guidance, while our ego is the other bit. Cheers!


Hi Grace - Many thanks for your good wishes. I hope you had a great Christmas - and here's wishing you a very happy New Year! Yes, you are right, Grace: God is love. We are ALL love, if only we can allow us to be ourselves...


Hi Vivi-Mari - It's great to hear from you again. The words of the song go: "I'll try to say a little more/Love went on and on/Until it reached an open door/Then love itself was gone" I think "love went on and on" is the important part. "Then love itself was gone" makes it clear that this wasn't any old love, it was *love itself*. OK, so it's gone now, but there has to be light and shade in the world. There has to be darkness to see the light. There has to be absence of love to *know* the love. This is a poem in celebration of love, not a lament for its absence.

That's my take on it anyway, and such analysis can only take us so far. What I'm doing is analyzing the words to explain the impact they have on my heart. But in the end, *that* is what is important: how my heart feels, not how my head weighs the words.

Happy New Year to you, Vivi-Mari! I'll come calling soon...


Happy New Year to you too, Bendz! Thanks for calling...


Well said, merging point: "it is wise to select the appropriate words for the purpose"! But what a long process that can sometimes be, especially when we are speaking of spiritual matters. It sometimes seems like the more important the concept, the less words there are available! But it's all good fun to try, or I wouldn't be doing it...

I hope you have a wonderful 2009!


No need to apologize, Angelbaby - it's great to hear from you any time! I'm glad you had a great Christmas. We had a great time too, thanks. My wife is now tucked up in bed sleeping off all the fun, while I'm down here blogging my way into the new year... I hope you have a wonderful 2009!!


Hi Robin - The song 'If It be Your Will' has a very powerful effect on me, so I had to try to understand why this should be, even though it may not - at first listen - reflect my current understanding of spiritual truth. Which is how I come to interpret it as I do. As you say, it is all about surrendering to our inner guidance, which is the real 'us'.

Put another way, it is all about being *ourselves*. This ties in with my new year's post, which will be along in a few hours time...

Perhaps the most important concept to bear in mind - the 'secret of life', if you like! - is the one I've talked about so much in this blog: acceptance of what is, surrender to what is: giving up the struggle for things to be different to how they are, realizing that the struggles of our ego are really struggles against ourselves. Once we learn to relax, to let go of our desperate desire to *achieve* this or *become* that, then life becomes easy - and we become powerful.

Have a great 2009, Robin!

Sue Ann Edwards

Do you happen to notice that the phrase "if it be thy will", is a transference of authority to some outer ~supposed~ power?

I see DENIAL still reigns, which does not bode ~well~.


Grrr. Yes, I did happen to notice that. Did you happen to notice that I addressed the issue in the post?

I was trying to explain why I felt so moved by the song, even though its apparently dualistic approach didn't seem to fit in with my current understanding of things. I guess the conclusion I came to was summed up in the phrase: 'the God to which we bow is greater than ourselves yet not separate from ourselves'. I weighed those words carefully and they feel right to me. You going to tell me I'm still 'wrong'?

Happy New Year, by the way. :-)

Sue Ann Edwards


"greater then" is an attitude lacking in equality.

And not much self respect comes from *bowing*.

The ~problem~ with buddhism, is it lacks creative accountability and responsibility. Buddha expressed the process; Christ expressed the goal. A process without a goal isn't of much use.

Rather then aim at understanding our Desire nature and uplifting it, Buddhism endeavors to divorce itself from our Desire nature, rejecting and negating it.

It is a matter of Identity. Son of Man, Son of God. Whichever we Identify ourselves with, determines the values of our Desire nature. Our Desire nature is still operational either way, for it is Willpower and where ever there is Will, there is 'God', for Will is a Divine attribute.

Re-member...intellect may overpower instinct but is still its slave so long as we are basing our Desires and choices on "fear". To reach Intuition and Wisdom, we MUST discipline ourselves to NOT react nor respond to FEAR based perspectives.

Rather then experimenting with the Law of Attraction to bring to us our Desires in the future, it is much Wiser to find out what Desires of ours, are at the root of bringing to us our present.

Happy New Year to you, too!


Thanks, Sue Ann. All that makes sense to me. I understand that Leonard Cohen has done the same as me, looking at various religions in order to enhance his understanding of things, for they each have truths to offer. You say: "Buddha expressed the process; Christ expressed the goal." I really like that. Then you say: "a process without a goal isn't of much use." We could equally add: "a goal without a means of getting there isn't a lot of use either". I suspect that Christ intended his apostles to teach 'the process' to people one to one, but it didn't quite work out, hence 2000 years of confusion.

OK, so 'bowing' may not be the best word. How about 'surrender' then? I guess you could say that is lacking in self-respect as well. Yet my glimpses of the process of self-realization tell me that we *do* have to surrender. We have to surrender the struggles of our ego to achieve great things and be a great person and be highly regarded by society, or whatever great weight of expectation we've chosen to hang around our necks. And these endless strivings we have to give up are indeed born of fear: the fear of being derided, of not being good enough, the fear of not *having* enough. We have to surrender all this - this shadow self - in order to discover our true self, our true *powerful* self, underneath.

If we are surrendering *to* anyone, then it is only to this higher self, yet we have come to identify so closely with our ego selves that it may *seem* it is something *different* from ourselves. Only when we have truly surrendered, do we understand that this is an illusion.

I'm struggling with words and with understanding, Sue Ann. I hope there is truth lurking somewhere in what I've just written! You may disagree...

Sue Ann Edwards

You've done a GRAND job {{{Simon}}} !!!

When it comes to surrendering, see if this may help, for much of what we imagine this surrender is, it isn't, for our understanding is distorted by power issues.

Imagine the most beautiful lady you possibly could. The kind that just one look makes your pulse go thumpety thump. She'd like to kiss you, passionately. Now..., are you gonna' have any problems surrendering to her wishes?

It's the type of surrender that we'd count ourselves as fools for even imagining resistance. It feels like someone making love to us from the inside, out.

Does this help?

For much of what you speak of is tied to issues of validation in our world's eyes. Once we understand this, then it becomes easier, as by the LOA, validation on the inside is mirrored back to us on the outside, just as is Love and Adoration.


Phew! Thanks, Sue Ann. It's always a relief when you think I'm getting it. :-)

I love your metaphor of the beautiful lady. On the few occasions when I've briefly got in touch with this surrender, that is exactly what it is like. But it's an interesting metaphor for another reason. When I've very occasionally attracted the attentions of such a lady - because she was probably overdue for an eye test or something - I've a run a mile! Why? Because I didn't feel worthy enough. It's those unhelpful emotions, getting in the way again...

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