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January 08, 2009


Mockingbird - Gadfly Revolution

Wow. I am near speechless after reading that. Thank you so much for sharing. It is indeed a wonderful, practical post and oh-so-powerful. I'm off to take my five minutes! It is a start. Blessings.


Welcome to my blog, Mockingbird! I'm glad you found this as inspiring as I did.

Liara Covert

Marianne Williamson invites us to reflect on some deep subjects that affect every human being. She reminds us love can dissolve hate. People can choose to shift mindsets from violence to peace. Thoughts and feeligns are what create teh world we live in. Choosing to change our thoughts and feelings can also heal whatever ails us. It must be a deliberate and conscious choice. We each have free will. This is an opportunity to use it.


Hi Liara - Thanks as ever for your thoughts! This seems to relate to what I've just been talking about with Alexys on the 'New Year Strategies' thread. I keep picking away at it in an effort to fully understand.

It seems to me that it is natural to feel 'negative' emotions from time to time. To choose *not* to feel them may be a mistake because we may end up suppressing them and locking them inside us. What is *not* natural is to get *stuck* in these thoughts and feelings, to let them feed upon each other in an endless spiral. We see the results of this in the Middle East.

Bar room brawls may be caused by the emotions which fleetingly pass through us, but wars can only be caused by official, organized 'stuckness'. It is this stuckness, this festering of feelings, we can choose to change.

Sue Ann Edwards

Once those of us who live by the sword, destroy others of us who live by the sword, then Peace will rule our world because there will only be Peaceful beings left alive on it.

Conflicted people attract conflict. So what's *wrong* with that?

To oppose "war" is to energetically support it.


Bless you, Sue Ann, and thank you as ever for your contribution - but if all of us with conflict in our hearts wipe each other out, there will only be you and Nelson Mandela left!

It doesn't feel right to me to divorce ourselves from what's happening elsewhere in the world, to simply wash our hands of it. Are we not all one, all interconnected through the quantum field? Doesn't the conflict in our own hearts also have an effect on the experiences of others? Isn't this world we've created a *group* project?

It seems to me it is right for Marianne Williamson to encourage us to change the way we think about world events: to look at them with love instead of adding to the conflict. I personally find the conscious use of the law of attraction hard to put into practice. The visualization Marianne suggests sounds wonderful but I've found it very hard to imagine it clearly. So I've reverted to what I think of as the law of attraction/intention in its purest form: simply sending out love and letting the universe do with it what it will. There can be no conflict in that.

Sue Ann Edwards

Let's be REAL and Honest, why don't we?

Too "bad", tough titty, that the LOA is too much responsibility for us to accept and be accountable for. Our denial matters not one bit.

Look at the self expressions being expressed. I'll start my list and if the shoe fits, well you know how the saying goes.

LACK of RESPECT for INDIVIDUAL liberty's of expression.

In short, defects and deficits of substance of character all around.

It is by CHOICE that BOTH Israeli's and Palestinians have chosen IDEALS in the form of their 'gods' that moralize and glorify PREJUDICE, BIAS, conceited ideas of SUPREMACY, FEAR and CONFLICT. They are MIRRORS of EACH OTHER and are EACH reaping exactly as 'they' have been sowing. It is called "JUSTICE"!!!!!

Think either side VALUES "Peace"? What a HARHAR!

Thin either side VALUES "Compassion for Humanity"? Another HARHAR!

We ASK and we RECEIVE.

Over how many years, how many of us have stated the ideals of "world peace and an end to world hunger"? Well...

I bet we never imagined that to create that goal meant every single one of us that is living in denial of it, would be wiped off the face of the earth?

The quantum has shifted. If what is to the benefit to the WHOLE of Humanity means that a lot of us individuals leave embodiment, because we are lacking in the self discipline and love for ourselves (and Humanity) to be accountable and responsible for the use of our Creative Willpower, then SO BE IT. We have ASKED for it, tho unknowingly.

Currently, only 15% of our world's population is necessary for the continuation of our species.
Think about that for a while and also consider that I'm not being an "hardass" or "mean". Nor am I lacking in Compassion. I simply have no power over what another chooses to value and bring into creation.

I quote: to look at them with love instead of adding to the conflict. Then you both go on to CONTRADICT the very statement by LACKING "love" and continue to ADD to CONFLICT, simply by not being ACCEPTING and UNDERSTANDING of it.

Wisdom suggests at least TRYING to live in INTEGRITY with our stated values. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of mealy mouthed lip service, meant to impress those of us who are also conflicted.

The "love" you claim to be sending out, is a LIE. There are too many qualifications and judgments for it to qualify. As proof I cite your own words and attitude, LACKING in ACCEPTANCE, TOLERANCE, RESPECT and UNDERSTANDING.

The DESIRE behind this "meditation" is AVOIDANCE of creating GENUINE Spiritual Substance of Character because it takes more effort then we'd care to put forth in the areas of self discipline and accountability. "We" don't think that peace is worth that effort.

Sue Ann Edwards

ps...wash my hands of it?

No way, no how. It is for that reason I cite that ALL aid to Israel be withdrawn, especially militarily.

Start picking our 'friends' and 'allies' based on substance of character rather then what they can do for us.

This is a 'family' squabble and always has been. It goes all the way back to Abraham and his wife. Wife offered her handmaiden when she could not bear a child, then insisted said handmaiden and child be cast out when a son of her own was born. BOTH are descendants of Abraham fighting over who 'dad' loved the most.

BTW...once Cro-magnon came around, Neanderthals were doomed to extinction, because a *new* standard of being had come upon the scene. Well... there is a *new* standard now in place and it does not bode ~well~ for those of us who do not choose to strive for it.

From Spirit's perspective, if responsibility and accountability for the use of our creative Will is too much for us, then it is considered MERCIFUL that we be relieved of that burden. I'll leave it to you to surmise HOW.

Sue Ann Edwards

I'm going to qu9ote from a book written OVER 25 YEARS ago, "The Eternal Quest, A Mystical Love Story", by Joseph Whitfield.

"Gabriel" speaks:

The spiritual light of a number of individuals is burning very brightly. Earth once again has the opportunity to rise to it true potential.

When the spiritual consciousness of man becomes too high, the threat to the forces of evil compels it to respond with vigor. Evil will not back down. It cannot and will not. Unlike Atlantis, this is Mankind's FINAL opportunity to rise above both good and evil.

You have noticed the explosion of the acts of violence, evil, greed, corruption, malevolence ill will, suffering, malice and cruelty that has erupted with increasing frequency and severity on the Earth. Many of these self same acts of depravity have been perpetuated in the name of God and good. That is why Man must rise above both 'good' and 'evil'. In Truth, good cannot oppose evil. The reason it cannot is that in the act of opposing, it becomes like unto that which it opposes. By its very nature, evil can use any means to oppose good. By its very nature, good cannot oppose evil without being transformed in the process to that which it opposes. It is impossible for good to commit the same acts which it opposes in evil and remain good. For good to use the excuse and the alibi that its evil acts are committed in the name of God, does not transmute the evil acts. These are the games of hypocrites, liars, self-deceivers and fools!

You may logically ask what to do. If good cannot fight evil, how can victory be achieved in this struggle? The answer is obvious. Evil will destroy itself. Evil's own greed and excesses will pit it against itself. In the final analysis, evil will consume evil.

The challenge now is for man to REALLY learn what it means to go within himself. The most exciting thing about self discovery is that it produces a revelation and an understanding of all life. It is only matter of degree that separates us in the manifestation of the same characteristics that are inherent in us one and all. We each have good in us. We each have evil. We each have the need to experience the effects of good and evil in our lives. And finally, we each have the opportunity to rise above both good and evil and assume our rightful heritage and destiny."

To this I personally add, I have shared many times about letting go of our attachments. I would guide for us to take an inner inventory, and realize ho many attachments we have to our civilizations and societies. For they are but transitory APPEARANCES.

I share the question...are we attached to our dust? For like the 1st Krishna said over a million years ago and Solomon repeated, what is dust returns to dust and what is of Spirit to Spirit.

The ONLY purpose of our various forms modeled out of dust is to provide vehicles of self expression for our Souls/spirit. Apart from this, our dust has no purpose, no matter how high it is stacked or seemingly animated.

Sue Ann Edwards

I will also say, AGAIN, that the 'airy-fairy' sentiments of bleeding hearts who magnify victimization with the phrase of "we are all one and interconnected' is a bunch of TRIPE.

We ARE all One in SPIRIT. We ARE all connected through SPIRIT.

And WITHOUT the realization and recognition of our OWN 'oneness' with our OWN Divinity, there can BE NO recognition of others being 'one' with their Divinity, too. All *we* keep doing by this *nonsense*, is projecting our own DENIAL of God-consciousness upon others. (since we can only give as good as we got)

I remind *you* that as the 1st embodied Christ, Krisna, stated, to IGNORE all external manifestations.

For you in particular, my beloved brother, you APPEAR to be manifesting resistance to changing the ENTIRE structure of your belief patterns. Have you asked yourself how many emotional attachments you have to what I have described to you as *retarded* spiritual beliefs?

How 'bout that ADDICTION to drama that keeps expressing itself? Especially as it concerns what *you* deem as "proper" forms and modes of self expression?

*You* may say the British are "proper", while I say that the same behavior you deem as "proper", is inhibition and repression, masking "control-freaking" actions by those of us lacking in emotional coping skills as well as, lacking in responsibility and accountability for being self governing in our peptide production.


Hi Sue Ann – Was it something I said? I got a gold star from you yesterday and now look what’s happened…

Just to clear up a couple of things first. I have no great love for British reserve or ‘properness’. Neither, increasingly, have the British, but it’s the way we were brought up. It’s one more bad habit to break, along with all the others.

And in the unlikely event that you and I were in charge of western foreign policy, I’m not sure there’d be too much difference in our agenda (though the meetings might be rather noisy).

The trouble is, though, that we’re *not* in charge. You might cut aid to Israel but Obama probably won’t. He wants to get elected again.

So is there nothing that we as individuals can do to influence matters in the Middle East – or in other areas of conflict around the world?

I don’t think I show as much resistance as you claim to what you try to teach me, Sue Ann. I understand that the main thing that I have to do is to work on myself, that the inside reflects the outside. While I still have conflict within, I will bring that into the world. I can only truly being peace into the world if I have peace within me.

But surely till that time comes, I will still be influencing the world around me whatever I do, through the law of attraction? That’s what’s happening, isn’t it? We’re bringing this chaotic, conflicted world into being through our chaotic, conflicted thoughts and feelings?

So is it not helpful to try to change those thoughts and feelings, at least some of the time? Goodness knows, I’m no great proponent of this. There are plenty of blogs around telling us we ought to be happy all the time. Mine isn’t one of them. I talk over and over about the importance of allowing ourselves to feel – and so release – the ‘negative’ feelings within us. But is it really so bad to at least set aside some time to feel and radiate love as well, even though we know our attempts will be less than perfect? Surely this is a better thing to bring into the world than the great quagmire of confusion that’s normally in our heads?

I don’t often try to consciously use the law of attraction, because I can feel all the negative stuff inside me getting in the way of whatever positive intention I may have. I need to deal with all that negativity before it’s really going to work for me. And you say that the love I claim to be sending out is ‘a lie’. But what I do is I get in touch with the love I feel when I’m in the moment, in the zone, connected in with my true self, the love which I feel in my heart and which makes me warm in that place, in the chakra. If I can’t get in touch with that, then I don’t bother. This is the closest I can get to pure, unconditional love. It may not be perfect, but it's the best I can do.

Like I mentioned in an earlier comment, I tried Marianne Williamson’s visualisation but it didn’t work for me. It felt too forced. The only way I can consciously use the law of attraction at the moment is this beaming out love. And I don’t even send it *to* anyone. I just feel it. I don’t see how this can be bad. I’m feeling love on the inside and trusting that it will be reflected on the outside. I hope that’s OK. Surely it’s better than doing nothing? I’m hoping we have agreement here. If not, please tell me how I’m wrong!

There’s other stuff in your comments I could respond to. Maybe later. This is the bit I would like to get some clarity on, so I’ll leave it at that for now. Your guidance is appreciated, Sue Ann...

Sue Ann Edwards

Dearest, it is our desire to "influence" that is the crux of our mistakes and errors. And it is this desire, that is the crux of conflict.

Don't even TRY to "beam out" love, for this is an action taken towards "influencing".

In the name of FREEDOM and LIBERTY, stand behind a short wall. Observe without taking any action.

Well do I *know* the effort required to sit and watch all the various ways we bring suffering and harm to ourselves and others. But until such time as the "law of karma" is superceded by the "law of grace", such suffering will continue.

The attitude of the "marinanne willimason's" of the world have been parading themselves around, personally profiting off the ignorance of others for a long time. It is the attitude of "Love is not hearing anything unpleasant"; "Love is not seeing anything unpleasant"; "Love is not experiencing anything unpleasant".

You do not want to know what I call such behaviour in the privacy of my own home. I will simply say that I would not dishonor myself by stooping so low. And add the worlds "loathsome" and "disgusting". Utterly repellent, which is indicative of the lack of genuine Love and self respect embodied in the attitudes expressed.

I happen to *know* that is in a engram, a stored response pattern of past lifetimes that you are endeavoring to dissolve. Just as we are all working on or have been working on.

STOP trying to "influence". Simply be yourself, express yourself and through this self expression, be an inspiration to those who share the same values.

Allow the Palestinians and the Israeli's to destroy themselves if that continues to be their desire. For the lesson neither one of them has learned is to Love Life and in Loving it, strive towards correcting ignorance. Neither one of these nations desires to let go of their barbaric ideas or ideals. So don't make them, allow them the freedom to experience the results of such unloving attitudes.

It requires the choice of being civil and respectful towards one another to create a civilization. And neither one of these societies has earned the rewards and benefits of a civilized society, because their attitudes are not civilized. Neither has Irag for that matter and no amount of military action will make up for the beastial way they treat one another.

Acting like a clod is a cause and living in the dirt, a created result. Cease trying to nullify the consequences of the choices being made. For it is in experiencing those consequences, that motivation to adjust attitudes, choices and decisions is created.

Allow people to stew in our own juices and rot in hells of our own making until such time as RESPONSIBILITY for those hells and stews is claimed.

As for our governments...anyone looking to our governments to solve anything is going to be disappointed. Since it was looking to our governments and trusting them that got us where we are today.

It is not time to be a sheep, looking for any shepherds or outer authorities to "save" us. Think the catholic Church has been inconvenienced by the economy? Think again.

I'd also keep close watch on the big banks that have been buying up the little banks. They are hiding something. Something BIG.

Keep your attention close to home. Keep it on yourself and your own life and those who share similar pursuits. If others of us desire to go to hell in a basket, let us. It is Respect for individual Liberty.

I'd also ignore all talk and chatter about "global warming". It doesn't have anything to do with our changing weather patterns. Just like I'd ignore all chatter about "terrorism". Our media is being bombarded by things meant to distract us, so don't be distracted by any of it.

If Israel, the Palestinians, and Irag for that matter, value Life, then let them develop some of the Love for Life, it takes to nurture and support it. For the keywords right now are:

change or perish.

Sue Ann Edwards

Ask ourselves,

WHY do we feel the NEED to BE "influential"?

And we will find emotional insecurity issues and the vanity of our egos at its root. It is our tendency to be "influencing", that I keep describing as our "control-freaking" activities.

ALL "evil", ALL "darkness" is nothing more then our IGNORANCE. And until we admit to our Ignorance, then we will forever be in REBELLION against making corrections.

It is IGNORANCE that parades around masking itself in our Self Righteous activities. Survival is worthy of our efforts to learn and expand our understanding.

For instance, if I am allergic to nuts, then it is to my own benefit and survival to avoid nut products. If I am so lazy as to not pay any attention or to reason that a can of nuts has nuts in it, then why should I make demands that I am entitled to survive or demand restitution from a nut company because there wasn't a warning label on the can of nuts, warning me that the can had nuts in it?

Protecting stupidity is a way of enabling stupidity. Stupid can't be fixed, senselessness and ignorance can but only AFTER we have admitted to being senseless and ignorant.

Endeavor to claim responsibility for our individual drops of consciousness that go into our collective bucket. This is the greatest "influence" we can possibly Be.

Cease our meddling in other people's (and nations) choices of experiences.

Sue Ann Edwards

And oh...China is going to collapse by imploding due to all their internal issues.


Hi Sue Ann - I can only go on what feels 'right' to me. I cannot blindly follow anyone's teaching. Usually what you say does feel 'right', but on this occasion - as before when we discussed the same subject - not everything does. *Most* of it feels 'right'. I accept that the most important thing is for us to work upon ourselves, and I can see that it doesn't make sense to try to 'force' other people to change their decisions. They have the free will to choose violence if they wish to. Yet the idea of acting as though violence elsewhere on this planet has nothing to do with us just doesn't resonate with me.

You speak as if the Palestinians and the Israelis were each indivisible entities. Yet there are individuals amongst both who did not – and do not – choose violence. There are Palestinians who didn’t vote for Hamas, and Israelis who oppose the current onslaught. There are children on both sides who have no influence over events. None of these people have chosen violence, yet they cannot change the actions of their leaders any more than I could stop us invading Iraq. Are they all to go to ‘hell in a basket’ as well?

I am sure you are right about this being an ‘engram’. That is exactly the way I see it. But why should we not take some small part in dissolving it? I have mentioned Ho’oponopono to you – and written about it in a previous post. It is based on the idea that, in line with the law of attraction, we each have responsibility for *everything* that shows up in our lives, even the things we read about in the newspapers. We can work to ‘clean’ these things by asking forgiveness for the part which we – and our ancestors – have had in bringing them into being. In other words, we *can* work to dissolve these engrams, even ones which may appear to have nothing to do with us, because we as fellow humans share responsibility for everything that happens in our world.

I felt that Marianne Williamson’s visualization was recognizing this shared responsibility, encouraging us to think of the people in the middle east as fellow spiritual beings rather than as people in the 'right' or in the 'wrong'. This might or might not have any positive effect, but it might stop us adding to the negative energy with our own judgmental emotions. After all, there is evidence that we *can* influence others through our state of consciousness. I’m sure you’ve heard of the research into TM, whereby – on more than one occasion - a group of meditators was shown to have reduced the crime rate in the surrounding area. It’s interesting that this was a *local* effect, and we may have much less sway in influencing anything that’s happening many thousands of miles away, but is it really right to ignore such a possibility?

I can’t imagine this effect happened by ‘forcing’ others to make different decisions in their lives, like some kind of spiritual zap gun, but perhaps it somehow opened them up to the part of themselves which might make those alternative choices?

You seem to have a very apocalyptic vision of the way the world is going, Sue Ann. Unfortunately this does seem to be a very level-headed way of looking at things. Right now, it seems to be the likeliest outcome. But there is an alternative vision, shared by some, of higher consciousness sweeping across the planet, affecting everyone in a kind of domino effect, the first among us influencing the rest as our consciousness grows. At the moment, this seems to be unlikely, but it is not a vision I am able in my heart to relinquish.

Sue Ann Edwards

Again, ANOTHER contradiction. You write:

"to think of the people in the middle east as fellow spiritual beings rather than as people in the 'right' or in the 'wrong'."

Then you go on and DENY it by your descriptions. I'm 'playing' hardball with you. You 'see' children. Come off it, those are Divine Masters in little bodies. Every single bit of your perception has to do with NOT recognizing other beings as DIVINE in the 1st place. Coupled with a bunch of JUDGMENTS about what is *right* for people to experience and what is *wrong*. OBVIOUSLY, you deem *pain* and *suffering* as WRONG. And all I'm doing is telling you to stuff all your judgments up your shorts, for YOUR OWN BENEFIT. For all of your denial and resistance is going to come back right upon YOU!

How are your bones feeling these days? How's your sight? How's you energy level and vitality?

By "engram" I mean patterns in your subsconscious, "karma" of your Soul. These ideas glorifying your meddling and DENIAL are lifetimes old. And are restricting your consciousness into expanding into the higher consciousness "sweeping across the planet". What you are expressing ISN'T it!

NO where, in ALL you sharing, is there the claim of Creative Responsibility or RESPECT for a Soul's choices of experience. You're too JUDGMENTAL about *pain* and *suffering* to be UNCONDITIONAL.

As far as what you understand about TM research, I remind you AGAIN, about *OLD* energy ways and that they are *now* COMPLETELY invalid.

None of this is coming from you heart. NONE. It is coming from your head and your gut.

I will not argue with you. You are welcome to choose being stuck in the *OLD* and experience all the consequences of it. No 'skin' off my back as the saying goes. And if you don't catch on this lifetime, then what I have shared will be there for your Soul to access next time around.

*Beware* hypocrisy and self deceit my friend, for you are wading in it, though unintentionally. The VANITY of your ego is at work here. In even TRYING to "influence", it expresses your complete LACK of ACCEPTANCE and LACK of TOLERANCE and LACK of UNDERSTANDING for what exists. You seek to change "it" rather than changing your own perception OF it.

Whatever you seek TO "influence" already exists, which MEANS, quite frankly, that is it "OK" with "God" and the "Universe", just not "OK" with you. That puts *you* in conflict with what exists and the universe.

Go ahead. Pick a fight with God the Absolute. Hahahahahahaha! Where can I place my bet on who's going to win the battle?

There is a great difference between "fear of death" and "love for life". And ALL of this *OLD* energetic nonsense that keeps being expressed, is based on the belief system FEARING death.

Get over it.

Sue Ann Edwards

btw...that 15% was reached in 2001. An *extra* 20-30 years was granted out of Mercy. There are far MORE of US, then you are aware of.

what *you* and the "marinanne williamson's" of our world continue to act upon, is focusing on perceived 'darkness' in others and upon our world, rather then focusing on the darkness within.

I repeat, rather then trying to change what is being expressed by others, change YOUR OWN way of perceiving it. Take RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY for the way in which you are perceiving events of individual self expression.

Whatever we feed our life's energy, magnifies. Focus on storms and storms will be what manifests in our lives. Focus on rainbows and rainbows will be what manifests in our lives.

My comments *here* are now a public record. It ought to prove verrrrry interesting after the 1st quarter of this year has passed.

Sue Ann Edwards

ps. To think to instruct *me* on transcendent states of awareness and consciousness is an act lacking in respect.

but since I *do* UNDERSTAND and AM Compassionate, I take no "offense". I simply consider it *foolish*.

Been there, done that, too.

Sue Ann Edwards

{{{simon}}} You haven't EMBRACED your OWN pain & suffering have you?

You haven't looked within and discovered the POWER to RISE above it, have you?

You have attitudes that your pain & suffering is a "bad" thing, that it is something "wrong" with you, don't you?

and that is why you find yourself unable to EMBRACE it as a valid and "OK" experience for others, too.

It's missed your notice that your vitality is being drained in precise proportion to all your JUDGMENTS about painful experiences.

You desire to decrease the conflict in the world?

Then CLAIM Responsibility and Accountability for your OWN Resonance and Radiance of it. Take the negative Judgment of qualification OFF "unpleasant" experiences, starting with YOUR OWN.

What you and others of us are doing, by these foolish meditations, are MAGNIFYING and AMPLIFYING the conflict, in areas that are already steeped in it.

Consider that LOVING Humanity?

Then think again. For until you have embraced your own pain & suffering, you don't even love your own humanity, much less anyone else's.

Tow the line, Brother.

Humanity is Worthy of the effort it takes.


Hi Sue Ann - Just to let you know I shall be responding to you comments but I took delivery of a new monitor today and am trying to coerce it into a setting which minimizes eye strain. Will be with you ASAP.

I had to get a larger monitor to accommodate all the comments you've been posting :-)

Paul Maurice Martin

I really don't know. We seem to live in a time where there's major worldwide problem with leadership - how to get people in top positions who actually care about the good of their nation and the larger world.

It seems to me that the hearts and minds of the average citizens are already more enlightened than those of the average world leader...

Sue Ann Edwards

Dearest, How would you like it if I impressed my Will over-riding yours, inter-dimensionally, subversively, through using convert means you were completely unaware of?

Would you find that to be Loving?

Would it even be a Respectful thing to do?

And how would you ever discover your own Mastery, if someone else was in control of your own thoughts?

And wouldn't I have to keep it up, in order to stop you from reverting back to doing your own thinking?

This is the kind of thing that all Dictatorships thrive upon. The Soviet Union fell and just as soon as it did, all the ethics groups started acting the same as they have throughout history. Saddam fell, and again, all the ethic groups started acting the same way they have throughout history.

Being idealistic is a wonderful thing but our ideals needs to be grounded in practicality and sense, discerning what CAN actually be accomplished, not what we would like to be accomplished.

So the crime rate fell with a bunch of people concentrating. Whoop-te-do. It went right back up because the causes of crime were not addressed. The motivation for criminal activity was not addressed. What "good" came of it besides getting the jollies off for those that participated?


Hi, Simon :)

To get back on topic (which was the article that Marianne wrote), I'd like to thank you so much for posting a link to it. You know, she is one of my favorite authors and spiritual seekers. I've read most of her books (some of them several times), and I always find myself coming away with them feeling sounder in mind, more peaceful in body, and more loving in my heart.

And THAT is the true litmus test for any 'wisdom' out there, in my book....We, too, have God's spirit inside. We, too, can discern.

Love is never the wrong answer. Seeing Higher Purpose is always a good practice. And understanding that the world we see is only a small fracture of what's really going on may be something to keep in mind.

War IS insane, in this day and age. And Marianne brings the voice of reason....of sanity and clarity...to a very heated topic.

:) Have a wonderful weekend....


I’ll reply to Paul first cos it’s a bit shorter! – Welcome to my blog! I actually think that in Obama we have a leader who *does* care about the larger world, though it remains to be seen whether he’ll be able to act upon it in view of the political restrictions upon him. I’ve seen so many politicians who seem very compassionate until they get into power. Thanks for commenting, Paul.


Hi again Sue Ann – Was it something I said again? You say: “To think to instruct *me* on transcendent states of awareness and consciousness is an act lacking in respect. but since I *do* UNDERSTAND and AM Compassionate, I take no "offense". I simply consider it *foolish*.” Just to clarify, in the last para of my earlier comment, I said you were being level-headed, not the opposite. I wonder if you misread that, because I can’t see that my comment was disrespectful. Certainly, I was stating the way things seemed to me, but surely that is what blogs are for, to exchange views? It seems to me that it would have been more foolish *not* to state what I think. That way, you wouldn’t have the opportunity of setting me straight!

I’m sure you understand, anyway, that I consider my outlook on things as a work in progress. I’m not foolish enough to think I’m laying down holy writ here. What I’m doing here is struggling towards truth – and I am grateful for your assistance in that struggle. You are putting a lot of effort into this discussion of ours and I really appreciate that.

So, I certainly intend no disrespect, but the question arises in me, so I feel it would be foolish not to ask it: if I *was* being disrespectful, would it matter? If everything is OK, even the pain and suffering of children, what does *anything* matter? Why shouldn’t I just catch a plane over there and come and poke you in the eye with a sharp stick? That would be OK too, would it not?

I’m not going to do that, by the way. I can’t afford the air fare. :-)

I’m saying this not as part of some silly points-scoring thing. It seems to me that it’s something which is central to this discussion and I really want to get it straight. My current understanding focuses on the importance of acceptance, of equanimity, of being OK with whatever is. This is one of the main things I am working on, though heaven knows my equanimity is challenged enough by losing my car keys, let alone anything more serious. And an important facet of this is that if I’m *not* OK with anything that happens, that if I get all grumpy about it, I’m OK with that as well. I accept my non-acceptance. Whatever happens, there’s no point in arguing with reality. That’s not an argument I’m going to win. As you put it: “Go ahead. Pick a fight with God the Absolute. Hahahahahahaha! Where can I place my bet on who's going to win the battle?” OK. So far, so good. We seem to agree.

But the way I see things is that, although we accept things as they are, there may still be things in life which we wish to change. We accept things as they are, yet we have preferences for how things might be in the future. To put this at its most mundane: we may accept ‘what is’, but we still express a preference for tea or coffee. Your mention that if we focus on rainbows rather than storms, then rainbows rather than storms will manifest in our lives. So, if you have a preference for rainbows, this what you will do.

Are we still in agreement? I think we are, because you were talking in a comment on an earlier post about our ‘desire nature’, our desire to create the world we wish to see. So enlightenment is not about the void, as the Buddhists have suggested. It is about creating ‘heaven on earth’, as Jesus described it. We will create this world according to our preferences.

This new world will still have suffering in it, because that is the nature of our physical reality, but we will no longer perceive this suffering in the same way. We will be ‘OK’ about it, because we will *fully* understand that it is in the nature of things. But it seems to me that this new world will have *less* suffering than our present one, partly because the resistance to suffering (which creates suffering in itself) will be gone but also because this will be our *preference*. We will focus on the rainbows rather than storms and so there will be rainbows rather than storms. I’m speaking metaphorically here. We’ll need some rain for the crops. :-)

Is this still OK?

So if I *currently* have a preference for there to be less suffering in the world, is this so very different? Why should peace not be my focus *now*? Not all the time, because there is other work to be done. As you say, I have to go inside myself. But why should I not also imagine the world I wish to create? Do I have to wait until I have reached some specified level of enlightenment before I start to have preferences? Am I allowed to want tea or coffee but not to want peace in the world?


Hi Grace - I've just seen your comment. It's lovely to hear from you. The last comment took a while and it's bed time now. Will respond later...


I love Marianne Williamson. I have read everyone of her books. They have so much wonderful, inspiring and uplifting information in them it is amazing. I will have to go over and check her post out. Thank you for sharing this.

I have something for you at my site, in fact I think a few somethings for you so come and see.

Love and Blessings,


Happy New Year, Simon...and thank you for the link to Marianne Williamson's post. As you say, enlightening and practical all at the same time...I truly wish I had her gift.

I've enjoyed reading your answers here; you have certainly gone deep inside and kudos to you for doing so well. I would certainly prefer love and compassion in my heart towards warring factions rather than judgement.I haven't walked a mile in any of their shoes, as yet.


Hi again Grace - I'm glad you enjoyed the article. Thanks for your perspective on this. 'Love is never the wrong answer': that rings true to me. I guess we always need to be certain that that is where we are coming from.

Thanks for your good wishes. I hope you're enjoying your weekend too!


Hi Angelbaby - Thanks for calling! I think you'll enjoy the link. I'll come over and see you as soon as I get the chance...


Hi Marion - Happy New Year to you too - and thanks so much for your comment! 'I haven't walked a mile in any of their shoes...': that's a good thing to bear in mind. I was listening to news reports today and it's so easy to get all angry and judgmental about what's going on. That's what I liked about Marianne Williamson's post: making us realize that having such thoughts is just buying into the drama and making things worse.


Hi again Sue Ann - While you're busy doing weekend things, it gives me chance to summarize my current thinking on this. Sometimes people can be so busy disagreeing that areas of agreement get overlooked.

So: I take your point that intention experiments etc. could be an ego/vanity thing. The ego can seize upon *anything* for its ends – and I could fall prey to that as well as anyone else – but it seems to me that it is also possible - even likely - to wish for peace from entirely pure intentions.

I also take your point about coercion. Perhaps we need to bear in mind that this is not an attempt at mind control. The way I see it, such meditations are an attempt to bring people into contact with divine energy, with love, with whatever positive energy we can muster, in order to make them aware of the *possibility* of making choices other than violence.

You could draw parallels with what you are doing here, for instance. You are not attempting to control my thoughts. You are offering information in order to offer me the *possibility* of changing my point of view. It is up to me whether I take the opportunity.

I also accept what you say about the possibility of actually generating further conflict if we are trying to mediate *against* something. It really comes back to the idea of being *for* peace, not *against* war. Again, this is something it is important to bear in mind.

So, it seems to me that all these points emphasize that if we are going to do something like this – and people *are* going to do it whether you like it or not, Sue Ann! - it has to be done properly. All these factors – and others – need to be borne in mind.

The previous time we discussed this issue was in response to my post on the intention experiment run by Lynne McTaggart. I took part in that but I wasn’t entirely happy about the way it was done. I hope to do a post about that if I get the chance. It’s interesting that during the two week experiment, the violence in the ‘target’ area of Sri Lanka actually increased, which was the result you predicted. In the aftermath, the violence has dropped and it looks like the war will shortly end, so it could be argued that the long term effect of the experiment was to bring peace to the region. Of course, a third possibility is that the experiment had no effect at all and the changing levels of violence were just a coincidence. Lynne McTaggart says it is inconclusive and more experiments are needed. Hmm.

In the TM studies we discussed earlier, there was actually no *intention* at all. The people didn’t set out to do anything. They just did TM regularly, which is what they would have been doing anyway. The neighborhood crime figures were checked retrospectively and were found to have fallen. My own feeling is that this sort of thing is more likely to be ‘successful’ than a specific intention because there is no possibility of the conflict you mention. They were just putting out positive vibes. They weren’t trying to change anyone.

Sue Ann Edwards

What all the TM and the "marinanne willaimson's" of our world are LACKING in, is


By imagining that "spirit" means that we negate Individualization is a perspective LACKING in RESPECT for INDIVIDUALS.

It usually goes hand in hand with "goodsie two shoes" sentiments, intent on 'protecting' and 'improving' someone ELSE'S life. "Control freaks" in other words, and ALL OF IT, is of the *old* paradigm. We don;t want to claim RESPONSIBILITY for our OWN use of Will, so we project upon others, a COMPLETE DENIAL of it.

I tell kids of smothering mothers who come to me saying "mom said she was afraid FOR me", that mom was a liar. Mom is not afraid FOR them, Mom is afraid OF them. Of them choosing to experience something in their lives that dear ole mom wouldn't know how to cope with herself. And I tell the kids to tell their mom to "learn how to cope".

You keep NEGATING "Individual Will", imagining quite ARROGANTLY, that *you* know the purpose of THEIR Soul, better then their own Soul, does.

And I keep saying to you to *KNOCK IT OFF*. The idea isn't even so much as Respectful, much less LOVING. For it is your OWN Will that will be energetically drained not *theirs*.

You keep following info that cuts Mankind in two. The top half being "Spiritual"; the bottom half being "Human". You keep following the erroneous advice that to become "spiritual" is to negate the "human" half.

And all I keep telling you is that a NUMBNUTS isn't any better then a NUMBSKULL. A HALFWIT is still a HALFwit.

Reconciliation of the two aspects of our nature, spiritual and human, does NOT occur through the negation of either half.

We don't go from "Am" to "I AM' then back to "AM" again, like some buddhists and hindu imagine. Once SELF aware, we ONLY go forward, not backward. It is for the reason of NEGATING the 'self' that the people live so poorly in areas that believe in this nonsense. "Human" self is negated in the pursuit of "spiritual' self. This "spiritual" self, being some totally repulsive idea of a mental construct, that is nothing more then an abstraction.

There is NO foundation of UNDERSTANDING in any of these ideas. For UNDERSTANDING is NOT of the mind or mental.

"Oh dear, I can't handle being Responsible and Accountable for all the energy of life qualified by my own will. I wish I never had an individual will to begin with", is where all this type of *crap* is coming from.

Get out of your head and start taking an inventory of your heart. Find what qualities are LACKING. It's ~easy~.

There are now such things as VICTIMS. And THAT is the perspective you and the 'marinanne wiliamson's" of the world keep expressing.

A "Divine Feminine" VICTIM is a contradiction in concepts.

What you and others, are calling TM studies, aren't even CLOSE to a TRANSCENDENT state of awareness. ALL nothing more then vanity of insecure ego's.

For a TRANSCENDENT state of awareness is one that is ABOVE states of duality and polarity. All these studies represent, are duality, since everyone who has been 'studying' them, is coming from a polarized state of awareness and consciousness...the 'good' and the 'bad' thing.

Like a women who puts up with an alcoholic husband, trying to 'save' him from his own self believing that it is an "virtuous" act. While it's an act totally LACKING in any Virtue

Happen to notice that BOTH "Princess Diana" and "Mother Teresa" left this plane of activity at the same time? The reason they did, is because the expression of "feminine" that they expressed, had become OUTDATED. They were dinosaurs of OLD energy.

I repeat. Rather then trying to change things outside of ourselves, change ourselves and our perceptions. Concentrate on changing our own 'insides', instead of focusing on changing 'outside'.

Quit JUDGING experiences in other people's lives as being 'bad'. Change your own perception OF 'bad', not the 'bad'.


Sue Ann - I *am* focusing on changing myself - or rather, on changing my attitude to myself. That is my focus - and also the focus of this blog. I'd like to get back to that. I linked to the Marianne Williamson blog because I liked it but I think that talking about it endlessly is a bit of a diversion. I've taken a lot of what you say on board but not all of it, for the reasons I've explained above. It doesn't look like we're going to get much further just now, so I'd like to move on. I'm interested to hear what you have to say about other things...


Well Sue Ann, for someone who claims to eschew attachment, you seem very attached to your point of view and your ego. What if there is no God/Absolute, no past lives, no future lives, no karma, no grace, just this planet for us, one life and one another. It makes your "walk on the other side" "I'm all right Jack because I'm self aware and going forward" "throw them to the wolves because it's their own fault and they deserve it" look like a cop-out. What's wrong with compassion anyway, or should that be COMPASSION.


Welcome to my blog, Joanne, and thanks for leaving this comment. It’s a perspective which I suspect many others would share. I’m not sure whether Sue Ann will come across it or not. Under normal circumstances, I would probably draw her attention to it, but so much has been written here that I think I’ll leave it to fate as to whether she sees it! I would add some words of my own here but really, there’s too much to say – and I think I’ve said a lot of it in my earlier comments. What really resonates for me about all this are the words of Grace in her comment above: ‘Love is never the wrong answer’. There’s a been a lot of mind stuff here and I have a feeling that the answer is much more simple than all of that. Getting back to love is a good place to start.


I agree with you Simon. I think it's simple as well, as simple as Love. There seems to be a spring of love in each of us. It gets covered over by the stuff we encounter in our lives but I think it's always there. It's unchanging and limitless and manifests anew in each new generation. An example is the 2nd World War when Jews were being persecuted and murdered all over occupied Europe. Assorted people with no apparent vested interest (e.g. non-Jews, Communists, Catholics), at risk to themselves, worked to protect and shelter as many as they could, thereby saving thousands of lives. That seems to me to be love in action and it's simple. Someone needs help, offer it to them.


Very well put, Joanne - though I suppose we might ask, in spite of such kindnesses, why is the world the way it is? Clearly, it's because of all that 'stuff' you mention, regarding which you might be interested in this earlier post: http://secretoflife.typepad.com/the_secret_of_life/2008/01/a-sun-filled-ro.html
We have to work on ourselves to clear this stuff away or the world isn't going to fundamentally change. But it seems to me that we can do that *and* give others immediate help - it doesn't have to be 'either or'.

The comments to this entry are closed.

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