Thank you for your positive comments about my workshops and I am pleased that you have taken the ideas away and lived them.
My experiences recently have led me to a bit of an "Aha" moment in that I realise that one of the reasons we maybe don't really eat mindfully is that when the body sits down the mind steps in and we either engage in conversation with those around us ......or just get lost in thought which is usually past or future and very rarely NOW!
Perhaps that is one of the key reasons that we observe certain foods don't taste like they used to ......a child isn't as preoccupied with thinking as they eat....or planning the next thing they have to do.
On the retreats I run in Sandsend I encourage people to revisit the old childhood activities like getting absorbed in looking in rock pools for crabs or skimming stones across the waves or collecting shells (and the occasional piece of Whitby Jet) That is vital practice ......being totally absorbed in what you are doing now. Jesus said "be as a little child" Notice how rarely we are totally absorbed....maybe in gardening (if you enjoy it and not see it as just another chore!) or painting or whatever hobby you have. But can you be totally absorbed in washing up or cleaning your shoes or eating your meal? Watch where your attention is in the everyday activities and realise that everything can become a Spiritual Practice.
I have just spent 10 days in Ibiza with my entire family and in some ways it is a bit of a Spiritual Retreat! Observation of all the old patterns arising is really fascinating!
Be well

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