Joseph Bernard

What an amazing collection of writings. Thank for offering them to your readers.

I also write about self-development, consciousness, living with purpose and I have a passion for peace and politics.

Keep this blog going strong,


Durga Dash

Your list is quite informative. Thanks for compiling such a list. I have also recently launched a blog to explore spirituality and self development. Feedback and comments welcome.

Durga Dash

my blog url is

Secret Simon

Thanks for visiting, Joseph and Durga. I hope you enjoyed visiting some of these sites - and good luck with your own blogs!


Very cool list. Thanks for including my blog as well,as self-development blog.


Wow, being brand new to blogging and the blogosphere, I am grateful to find your research at my fingertips! What a great tool we have for buidling awareness on so many levels! Thank you


Thank you for you generosity and kindness...


Hi Jirel, Harmony and Pete - Many thanks for your comments! Your brand new blog is now on the list, Harmony.


Thanks Simon for adding my blog to your list. It's so exciting to have people actually reading my stuff!


No problem, Robin!

John K.

check out this spiritual community :


When I checked my sites stats, I saw that one of my visitors came via your url, so I clicked it out of curiosity. I'm so glad I did.

This is a wonderful idea and I would like to thank you for adding my site to your great list. I'm also going to add your site to my blogroll so that my visitor's can have access to it too.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with many blessings


Thanks for your blessings, Lea, and for the link! It's a pleasure to have your excellent blog on my list.


Thank you very much for your blog and for what you are doing. I also lead a blog on a close topic - Personal Effectiveness. Feel free to visit, read and comment:


Thanks for getting in touch, Slava. I'll take a look at your blog when I get the chance...


I've been spirituality-blog surfing tonight and am adding your site to my blogroll. Thank you for the great blog suggestions -- the descriptions help a lot. You've given me some great reflections. Blessings . . .


Thanks Anchorage - I'm glad you find this useful. I'll come and see your blog when I get the chance...

ashok kumar khemariya

I gone through this all & find myself in a pleasing state of mind. I am encouraged that there is a nice plateform to enlighten souls of us, spread positive thoughts towards wisdom.& more to express & to learn. thanks


Hi Ashok - Thanks for saying hello. I'm very pleased you have found this list useful!

Linda Pendleton

Thanks for the list...
My spirituality blog is World of Spirit: Population Unknown.


Thank you for this great resource. I'd like to add my blog to the list here! I describe my blog as "simple living with a spiritual bent."
It is very inspiring to see others with similar interests from whom we can all learn! Thank you for compiling this.



my search ended here , well done .




Thank you for your gifts!

If I can reciprocate, there is a giveaway on Friday, July 3rd, at

But, don't go there until Friday, at noon EST, New York time. You can just save it for the weekend. More than 117 fre.e gifts!


thank you for providing such links to great blogs. I will definitely visit each one of them. thank you very much!

Ed Essey

Thank you for sharing the wisdom. I love finding kindred spirits, and your blog seems like a community some for them.

I share in your passion for spiritual blogging:

April Deonna

Thanks for taking the time to share such inspiring information. I am a new to blogging and have a interest in self-development as well.


Thank you my dear friend for all your kind words and love. I do hope we keep in touch. I have enjoyed our friendship allot.

Love and Blessings,


Hi to Everyone who has commented here and a special Hi! to Angelbaby. Since 'giving up' blogging, I haven't kept in touch with my blogging friends as much as I'd hoped but I hope to visit a few of you soon. In fact, I might just head over to your place now Angelbaby...

Anna Mindon

Hi, thank's for lot's of interesting reading.
I just entered the world of blogs and also started my one. Sharing is what it is all about. You are more then welcome to check it out. My focus is on our senses/minds and the desire to build a bridge to science.

Marilyn Smith

This is a wonderful site. I would like to share some insights I have received about living spirituality. There is an old saying, “A spoonful of honey will gather more bees than a barrel full of vinegar.” The “honey” can be a variety of different qualities. The “bees” are virtue. We can grow in virtue in many different ways; all of them are forms of service. “Honey” can be added to our lives in many ways. One of the most powerful ways is through Gratitude

Ministerial Seminary

Hi, Thank you for this great list. I have also a spiritual site, Please visit:


Beautiful site. I just read this lovely blog on regret and aging- it left me moved and inspired.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Jason Webb

Thanks. This is the best information on marketing that I have seen in months of searching.


amazing list of sites- this is incredible. Here is an other site that might be of interst. weekly inspirational topics for contemplation and all sorts of events around the greater NYC area.


Hi there…I just wanted to suggest a different take on all of this with a newer book of inspiration. I recently happened across it, and I must say…it’s changing my life. “Being Ourself” by Ty Clement is so much more than just about being yourself, it’s about being one with all that is, what Clement calls “Ourself”. This book is inviting, stimulating, inspirational and awe inspiring…I’ve read all the others, and this one begins where they all leave off. Anyway, if your inclined, look for it on Amazon…it’s there, and it’s worth buying. For everyone you know. :o ) Peace!

Autism Mom Rising

Thank you for the list. Been looking for spiritual blogs to read


Please be aware:

I'd love your assistance in spreading the word about the Evolution Revolution

Ross Bannister Todd

Great site

Perhaps you could include my site and blog in your list.
This is a self help site but there are tons of free stuff. It is not primarily a marketing site and there are some things for sale.

Peace, love, freedom,
Ross Bannister Todd


Thanks for the great information and links. We have a blog at and we also have a small selection of talismans on offer.



This is indeed a great website! I really had fun reading some of the articles in the list. These gave me a clearer view on how to deal with life with faith and optimism. Actually, I have been reading a lot of self-development articles and watched videos about life recently. One of my favorite videos that I've watched was the one in . But, there were also other informative websites that offer a lot of life's teachings though. You just need to search these great sites online. :)

clinical studies india

Really like this happened.. I cant believe this..Conversation with God.. It is possible..

self hypnosis for self esteem

Great list and resource of inspiring blogs and sites!

Gandhi C Prajapati

Dear friends,
all the topics is good for the a better spirituality life. i am requesting please followup all the topics in life and am also follow.

Thanks for the publish the article

Asim Khan Niazi

I am Masters in Palmistry and Astrology with more than 10 years of experience in forecasts, dream analysis, palm reading, past life reading & workingout paranormal activities.

My services include forecast, dream analysis, palm reading, past life reading, love and relationship advice and workingout paranormal activities. We all come accross certain eras in our lives when we have to make a decision. These situations are very complex, confusing and critical, where making a choice is very difficult, as the choices seems vague. I can help you in these situations, let you know the right path, discuss the opportunities with you and solve all your problems. I can guide you in the best way in various paths of life. I can tell you the prayers you need to make to overcome all sort of problems. Hire me to get peace at mind.


David Cunliffe

Thank you for such a lovely and inspirational website to all involved, greatly appreciated. I’ve read many articles on ‘The Secret Of Life’ website, and really enjoy the diverse thinking and thoughts on this most interesting and fascinating subject of personal and spiritual development.

I look forward to reading some of your suggested links, and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to take a look at my personal website too, in the hope that I can guide and support one or two of you on your exciting spiritual development and journey.

Bright and spiritual blessings to you all.

Much love, David.



This site is truly a beautiful blessing and I'm very much grateful and happy to bumped into your site. Every posts and sites are very inspirational and well-crafted.


This is a great list of spirituality blogs. Thanks for the resource.



Probably one of the greatest secrets of life I've read. Every time I read this kind of posts I felt something good to me and become motivated and inspired. Keep it up and thank you for sharing this!


Probably one of the greatest secrets of life I've read. Every time I read this kind of posts I felt something good to me and become motivated and inspired. Keep it up and thank you for sharing this...

Website Designer India

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