Oh such a nice post! Thanks for sharing this important collection of information. I wish one day we all wake up to experience the true reality of being. Namaste~

Luke Galea

A spiritual video I made. Hope you like and more over hope that it affects you.

 Spiritual Community

Fairly insightful publish. Never thought that it was this simple after all. I had spent a very good deal of my time looking for someone to explain this subject clearly and you’re the only one that ever did that. Kudos to you! Keep it up

Linda M. Foster

Thank you for sharing your wisdom!
Wishing you love and light,

Aruna Sharan

Thanks fo rthis great list!
I've always regarding storytelling as one of the great ways thorugh which we humans can understand the profound truths behind this universe, and so my blog will evolve around one of the greatest stories ever told: The Indian epic Mahabharata.
I've written a new version (been at is for over 30 years!) and it's due for relase as an e-book on January 1st. The blog focuses on all the themes and questions thrown up by the Mahabharata.
It is:
Thanks for this resource, and giving us th eopportunity to be heard!

Craig Villarrubia

Very cool site. Thanks for all the resources you provide. Blessings, Craig



Great list of blogs. I found some helpful information here.


Thanks for this list.
Here are two more blogs: -- discussion of the Indian epic Mahbharata, with emphasis on the Bhagavad Gita -- spiritual practice and meditation in the Vedanta tradition: Who am I?

Dan Weintraub

Wonderful Stuff!

Here I am: my blog about self-sabotage and awareness.



Darrell Herbert

Great resource! I just impressed to read this total list. These are really very helpful list. I was looking forward to read this type of spiritual blog. Thanks!


Thank you for this great list. I also found an inspirational blog . it is really useful for icreasing money , to get rid of worry ,anxeity and depression. Also, It is very hepful to change your thoughts . It has poweful techniques for everything. It is really inspire me and help to become more positive.


At How to Love God is a book

Love Breathing, Experience Divine Joy with Every Breath You Breathe.



I’m always so excited to host this carnival. I read 50+ personal development feeds daily, and I still manage to find a new blogger when I host. It’s also inevitable that I find a profound post by a veteran that I somehow missed in my daily reads. This edition is no different. It’s chock full of everything in the realm of personal development, from spirituality, to health and financial tips. Without further ado, I present to you the Personal Development Carnival.
Astrologer and Spiritual Healer

Charlotte Brady

This is marvelous! What a treat. I recently started a blog as well. ( So good to have this list for inspiration and communication! Thanks!


Thank you for sharing



Many unseen Masters in the Astral Worlds are monitoring the Life on this earth. Many lived here in earlier times. They carry great Love for all of us. They are aware that we will be going through great changes beginning from the end of this year, 2012. We will be entering a new Time-Frame. They want to help us to understand the processes and sail through this phase of great changes. Read more -

C. Ellis

I truly appreciate uplifting blogs that offer good hearted nature and paths to purity.

Please visit my site, Freewill to Destiny, and let me know what you think.

Many thanks.

parth yadav

the greatest secrets of life I've read.I REALLY
want to be your fan .I am also making new blog on vedic knowledge .so please help me. this my url.please help me in inproving my blog.

Spiritual dating

Feel free to add your blog to this spiritual directory:

christian ministry scottsdale

thanks for the information!


Best way I found my way in life


Thanks for this great list! I discovered so many new, truly inspirational sites.
One of my favourite blogs is:
This York-based web-designer writes beautifully crafted, inspiring posts about life, spirituality and everything.

Sriram Rangan

Amazing, Unique information on this subject. Very-Very great list of spirituality blog.


visit for a life transformative spiritual experience.

Julia Fernandes

This is my own personal blog on God drawn from real life experiences and observations, the stories of which will definitely touch and inspire you.


Hi I have just set up my blog on my new website which is all to do with Reiki, but the blog will focus on the energies we are going through at the moment and a monthly card reading as well.
Thank you for a creating such a wonderful site. Sarah

Andrew Hughes

My thoughts on the path, which I hope someone else might benefit from, or at least, enjoy:

Have a wonderful day!


Excellent blog. Thank you. There is a very good course on the search for what we are on the net at Worth a visit!


Very useful list, thanx very much. Here's one more blog you can check.

mary charisse


Really appreciate the invitation to possibly be included on your blog list. My blog is

Recently launched the site and enjoying being a part of the virtual world!

mary charisse

Here's the link to
(see how new I am to the blogging world -- took 2 times to get it right!)

Joshua Tilghman

Great list! It takes a good deal of hard work and time to create something like this so the rest of us can connect with other like-minded bloggers. Thank you.

michael craig

hi all we are the Manchester Spiritualist Centre and are websites are
Manchester Spiritualist Centre.
2 Alexandra Road South
M16 8ER
Telephone:0161 227 9702 ( answer service)
everyone welcome


Joseph David Clark

I have recently wrote a book entitled "Lessons From Heaven". It is a fable appealing to the same readership and genre as "The Shack", Mitch Albom's writings, and other messengers such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle. Please check it out at


Hi, I feel as though I have found my way home....what a great site...please share the verses on with anyone. It is my small contribution to those who labour through these changing times. "Those who have not laboured and wept during the midnight hours, knows not the power of God"...Raleigh....


I am SO glad to have come across this group of links and cannot wait to explore them. Thank you for sharing this!


This is a great site thank you. Please check out my video going over some details about the human body and glandular systems in relationship to electromagnetic/nervous systems of the body.

David Cedar

Thank you for this great list. I would also add as it is full of spiritual and self-development goodies - blogs, workshops, practitioners, and teachers.


Nice resource of blogs.
And I'm sure all together we can achieve something.

we need your help.

We are a group of truth seekers from different countries, different religions, or spiritual communities around the world. We discuss, share the spiritual knowledge. We help each other, and encourage each other to keep on growing spiritually.

We are very much concerned about the development of oneself; Everyone is welcomed, advanced as well as beginners.
Come join our online to share and learn about the secrets of the universe.

The website is

Thanks for sharing.


check out if one wants to understand broader perspective of definition of universal God,religion,culture!


This is a very informative collection of blogs on the beautiful topic of spirituality. Thank you for sharing this information.


Visit and download free ebooks:
1) The Ten Dirty Secrets of Getting Enlightened
2) The 30 Second Meditation
3) Fcuk Fear

Sara Kuhn

Great content. Thanks for keeping the conversation going. Check out my Guru's free international event, the Global Turiya Peace Initiative:

The present is created by you. Release your fears. Manifest your dreams for a better future.

This event begins at 00:00 GMT on both December 12th & 20th, 2012 and lasts for 24 hours. Reykjavík, Iceland = GMT time. You may convert your time at:


Great list of blogs!

I write a blog about my personal discoveries of the healing Christ. A lot of people that are interested in spirituality don't think about or want to talk about the Christ because it is so strongly associated with organized religions. I've found the Christ to be an amazing healing power that operates on its own terms, independent of all doctrines, theologies, and denominations.

Bonnie Lee

Human are not perfect, they need a guide for a better life. Spiritual articles, books and other scriptures are good remedy for at least peoples life will be guided. It is good that there are people who find time to write inspirational article, books and blogs.


Very interesting range of spiritual blogs. I would like my blog included in this list. The link is // In the blog I reveal how to fight back against the dark side.

Supreme Cosmic Power

We like your article, "Spiritual journey on earth" and for that reason we recommend your blog! Keep up the good work

Renard Moreau

[ Smiles ] Thank you for sharing this list; I will make it my priority to go through it in entirety.

LOVE and Light to you and to all of your devoted readers!

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